Reptiles are those cold blooded air-breathing vertebrates, which are neither birds nor mammals, that lay eggs which are membrane-protected and fertilized within the mother’s body.

Ball Python Facts | The Smallest Python

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Ball python (Python regius) is an absolutely non-venomous species. It is native to equatorial western Africa. Ball python is by far the smallest python species and is quite good at making pet. Royal python and West African python are the ...

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What Do Sea Turtles Eat | Sea Turtles Diet

sea turtle

With the exception of one species all sea turtles are primarily carnivorous. The green sea turtle is exclusively herbivorous as it mostly feeds on sea grasses. The remaining species primarily consumes crustaceans, sponges, barnacles, mollusks, fish, or sea urchins. What ...

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What Did Dinosaurs Eat | Dinosaurs Diet


Dinosaurs were not only carnivorous (Theropoda) but some of them were almost entirely herbivorous such as Sauropodomorpha and Ornithischia. The dietary preference is determined by various factors including tooth morphology, jaw mechanics, and tooth wear facets. The only way to ...

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What Do Lizards Eat | Lizards Diet


Many lizards are insectivorous, relatively long tail, four legs, and live a fairly short life. A very limited number of lizards are herbivorous and non-insect eating carnivores; they are readily found outside South Central Texas. Humans have also realized the ...

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