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dog trainer

How to Become a Service Dog Trainer

Are you interested in working with animals? How about helping the disabled? As a service dog trainer, you get to work with a variety...
dog massage

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Going to a Local Dog Boarding

So, you’ve maybe booked your dream holiday or maybe you are still in the process of dreaming about your dream holiday! It is certainly...
Dog on beach

Simple Hacks To Keep Your Dog Safe On A Boating Holiday

A growing number of pet owners are choosing to take their fur babies on vacation. A recent survey indicates that 40% of dog owners take their...
dog bite

What Should You Do if You Get Bit by a Dog?

Being bitten by a dog is no laughing matter. It can leave the victim with a bit of post-traumatic stress and a lingering fear...

Arthritis in Dogs: 3 Natural Ways to Help Your Pet

Osteoarthritis is a common condition that affects many of our dogs, particularly as they age. It is caused by degeneration in the cartilage found...
dog for kids

A Best Friend for All Ages: Which Dog Breeds Are Best with Children?

What are the best dog breeds for children? As you'll soon see in the list below, there are a lot of great options, really. But...
dog tracker

Best GPS Trackers That Will Definitely Find Your Dog

Taking care of your dog is much easier with GPS trackers that won’t let your friend get lost. Many of the modern solutions come...
longest living dogs

The More You Know! A List of the Longest Living Dog Breeds

Fallen on hard times? It's a dog's life, you might say. But just how long is that life? That's going to depend on the...
Signs of A Well-Trained K9

Signs of A Well-Trained K9

Depending on the organization they work for, a K9 is usually expected to search for explosives and drugs, find crime scene evidence, locate missing...
dog timeline

How Old is my Dog? Understanding the Timeline of a Dog’s Life

They say every year in dog years is equal to 7 in human ones, so calculating your dog's age should be simple, right? But...

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