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Pterodactyl Facts | A Prehistoric Flying Reptile

The pterodactyl is a generic term which people use to refer to a flying reptile Pterodactylus antiquus or Pteranodon. Interestingly both these flying reptiles...

What Did Dinosaurs Eat | Dinosaurs Diet

Dinosaurs were not only carnivorous (Theropoda) but some of them were almost entirely herbivorous such as Sauropodomorpha and Ornithischia. The dietary preference is determined...

Triceratops Facts For Kids | The Last Dinosaurs

Triceratops belongs to the family of triceratopsid dinosaur and is believed to have lived in the Maastrichtian era. It had roamed the earth some...

Dinosaur Facts For Kids | Dinosaur Diet & Habitat

Let's have a good look at all the amazing dinosaur facts for kids including dinosaurs habitat, size, length, mass, and running speed. Dinosaurs are a...
Sauropod dinosaurs

Facts About Dinosaurs For Kids | Dinosaurs Diet & Habitat

Are you ready for some of the most unknown facts about dinosaurs for kids? Dinosaurs are the varied animal groups that belong to the...

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