Mollusca are a large cold blooded phylum of invertebrate animals having about 85000 recognized species.

snail facts for kids | snail

Snail Facts For Kids | Snail Behavior, Diet, Habitat, and Reproduction

Discover here some of the most fascinating snail facts for kids. Snail is the collective name often applied to gastropod molluscs, land snails, and...
Octopus (Octopoda)

Octopus Facts For Kids | Amazing Facts about Octopus For Kids

I'm going to discuss some of the most important octopus facts for kids including octopus diet, behavior, physical appearance, and reproduction. The octopus belongs...

What Do Snails Eat | Snails Diet

Not many people are aware as to what do snails eat! This article explains all the essential facts about the snails diet. Snail is...

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