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Animals Time is all about animals for kids with interesting, educative, informative and amazing wild life facts for kids. Animals are amazing creatures that add to the beauty of our natural environment, they are an essential part of our life from being our best friends to as a major source of our food, as beast of burden and as a part of the earth natural beauty. Animals are as much important as we humans are and they share the mother earth with us. As a superficial being we should love and care about animals and take the responsibility to create awareness about them, preserve them, protect them and introduce them to our children so that they can carry this responsibility to the upcoming generations. So gear yourself for an online wildlife safari as Animals Time is all about animals for kids and let your children discover all about animals with amazing facts, pictures and videos about the different animals, what do they eat and where do they live.

All About Animals for Kids – Animals Classification

  • Classification

    • Amphibians Amphibians
      Amphibians are those cold-blooded vertebrates that live on land and in water, have moist and smooth skin lays eggs that are not surrounded by membranes.
    • Arthropods/ Insects Arthropods/ Insects
      Arthropods are invertebrates which have paired jointed legs, exoskeleton and segmented bodies.Insects are invertebrates that have a body divided into three parts (head, thorax and abdomen. They have six jointed legs and live on land and in water.
    • Birds Birds
      Birds are those warm blooded vertebrates that have feathers and wings. They lay eggs and have two legs.
    • Endangered Endangered
      If an expert says that the following species of animals are dying out, it means their entire generation is at stake. Hence they are endangered species. Going forward, when an animal becomes extinct, it’s believed that no one has spotted this animal in the forest for the last 50 years.
    • Extinct Extinct
      Educative, informative and interesting facts about extinct animals. Learn about the physical features, diet and habitat of Extinct Animals.
    • Fish Fish
      Fish are cold blooded invertebrates that live in water. They have scales and fins, and lays many eggs.
    • Mammals Mammals
      Mammals are those warm blooded air-breathing vertebrate animals that are categorized by their hair, three middle ear bones, and the mother nurse their young ones with milk.
    • Mollusca Mollusca
      Mollusca are a large cold blooded phylum of invertebrate animals having about 85000 recognized species.
    • Pet Care Pet Care
      A domestic or tamed animal or bird kept for companionship or pleasure. Pet care is all about how responsible you are about your pet. A responsible pet owner seek information about how to care about his pets and here we provide them true insights about their pet and how to take great care of them.
    • Reptiles Reptiles
      Reptiles are those cold blooded air-breathing vertebrates, which are neither birds nor mammals, that lay eggs which are membrane-protected and fertilized within the mother's body.
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    • WildLife WildLife
      All about Wildlife Conservation Efforts

These categories serves as broad classification of animals into well known groups that are easy to remember for kids.

A to Z Animals – Select An Animal to View All Articles About it

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