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Arthropods/ Insects

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sharks diet

What Do Sharks Eat the Most | Sharks Diet

Almost all sharks are carnivorous. They have adapted a number of different ...

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Shark resting in cave - Do Sharks Sleep

Do Sharks Sleep?

Scientists are looking deep into sharks’ behavior trying to explore as much ...

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Egg of swellshark - Do Sharks Lay Eggs

Do Sharks Lay Eggs | Sharks, Eggs And Pups

Yes indeed! Some sharks do lay eggs but not all of them ...

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Grey Nurse Shark - Do Sharks Have Tongues

Do Sharks Have Tongues

First of all, all sharks do have tongues in their mouth but ...

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Shark - Do Sharks Have Bones

Do Sharks Have Bones

Scientists believe that sharks has been around underwater for as long as ...

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seahorse facts for kids

Seahorse Facts For Kids | An Antique of Marine Life

The seahorse is conventionally one of the most mysterious, beautiful and instantly ...

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Balloon fish facts for kids

Balloon Fish Facts For Kids | Facts About Balloon Fish

Isn’t the name “balloon fish” sound funny? Yes indeed. Even though it ...

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Catfish credit:www.chesapeakebay.net

Fish Facts For Kids | Interesting Facts about Fish For Kids

What is Fish? Fish is the collective name given to the diverse ...

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barn owl facts for kids

Barn Owl Facts For Kids | Barn Owl Diet & Habitat

Now is the right to learn some of the most fascinating barn ...

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what to feed a baby bird

What To Feed A Baby Bird That Fell Out Of A Nest

Unless you’re a biologist or conservationist you never know what to feed ...

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gentoo penguin facts2

Gentoo Penguin Facts | Gentoo Penguins Diet & Habitat

How about summarizing some of the most interesting and rarely known gentoo ...

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Macaroni Penguin (Eudyptes chrysolophus)

Macaroni Penguin Facts | Amazing Facts about Macaroni Penguins

Let’s study the interesting macaroni penguin facts such as macaroni penguin diet, ...

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