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ivory billed woodpecker facts

Ivory Billed Woodpecker Facts | Anatomy, Diet, Habitat, Reproduction

The ivory-billed woodpecker (Campephilus principalis) ranks among the world’s largest woodpecker species. In the north of Mexico, it is the largest of the woodpeckers. The...
pileated woodpecker facts

Pileated Woodpecker Facts | Largest Woodpecker in the United States

The pileated woodpecker (Dryocopus pileatus) is the largest woodpecker species in the United States. The bird is almost the size of a crow and...
what do woodpeckers eat | woodpeckers diet

What Do Woodpeckers Eat in Summer and in Winter

Woodpeckers have a long extensile tongue, which most species can stick out to astonishing lengths beyond the bill. The tongue has backward-pointing barbs at...

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