3 Types of Dog Leashes: Which Is Right for You and Your Pup?

When looking for a new dog leash, you’ll want to find one that’s the right fit for your dog, and also suits all the activities that you and your furry friend do together. A good dog leash should be equal parts functional and stylish, and stand the test of time. If you’re not sure what to look for in a dog leash, we’re here to help you narrow it down with some suggestions of important factors to consider along your hunt for the perfect dog leash. From material, to utility, to picking the paw-fect color and pattern, we’ll help you choose a leash that will have your dog barking in approval. 

Harness vs. Collar Dog Leashes

A hot topic of debate in the dog owner community is whether to use a dog leash that attaches to a harness, or just your dog’s collar. Each has their own pros and cons. For instance, collars are easy to clip your dog leash to, so you and your dog can head out the door quickly. However, when you pull back on your dog’s leash when attached to its collar, it causes more strain to your dog’s neck and throat. If you pull too hard, you may risk harming your dog. If you have a dog who doesn’t have the tendency to need extra restraint, connecting your dog leash to your dog’s collar might be fine. 

On the other hand, if you have a more active pup, you might want to consider getting a dog leash bundle that includes a harness. Harnesses act like a vest that your dog wears which your leash clips into via hooks on the back of the harness. Since the harness covers your dog’s upper torso, this means that less strain is placed on your dog when you pull the dog leash in a different direction. Some dogs may have an aversion to putting a harness on, but once they get used to wearing it, you’ll both enjoy the comfort and ease of a harness and dog leash combo. 

The bottom line: the collar vs harness dog leash debate boils down to personal preference, and choosing what you feel makes you and your dog most comfortable. 

Important Leash Factors to Consider

When looking for a new leash, there are a number of factors to consider. Some of the most important ones include: 

Is It Durable?

When choosing a dog leash, you want to make sure it will stand up to the wear and tear of your dog’s activity levels. For instance, if you have a dog who loves to chew on their own leash, you’ll want to get one that’s made of durable material: a popular option is neo poly coated webbing, which is a soft plastic material that can take a good amount of puppy teething. Another durable option is a rope leash, made of braided strands of rope; these types of leashes can be great for larger dogs, just beware of getting rope burn on your hands! Another durable leash option are leather dog leashes, which provide a sleek, more refined look while still standing up to the test of time. 

Is It Washable? 

Given that you use your dog leash to take your pup on daily walks and other outdoor adventures, it’s likely to get pretty dirty. If your dog has a tendency to get a bit messy when outside, you’ll want to find a leash made from a washable material like flex poly coated webbing. That way, when you notice your dog leash getting a little bit too dirty, you can easily hand wash it with soap and water and have it looking shiny and new. It’s important to note that leather dog leashes, while stylish, are not waterproof, and should be spot cleaned with a damp cloth sporadically instead. One way to preserve your leather leash would be to use it only for special occasions, like taking your dog to your parents’ house for the holidays, and using a second flex poly leash for everyday walks and trips to the dog park. 

Is it Cute? 

While a more superficial factor of the dog leash search, you still want a leash that looks cute! Luckily, most dog leashes come in a variety of colors and prints to choose from. If you’re a fan of simple styles, you could opt for a brown leather leash, or if you’ve got a bolder style, you could choose a neon green flex poly leash. Whatever style of leash you choose, there’s no doubt your pup will be looking great as you two strut down the street. 

In Conclusion

In order to find the right dog leash, you’re going to want to consider durability, washability, and what kind of color and material will suit your style and needs. By taking time to pick out the perfect dog leash, you ensure that walk time will be a blast for both you and your pup. What kind of dog leash is your favorite? 

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