7 Tips on Taking Care of a Dog While You’re Studying

Recent research by a WSU professor found that students spending just 10 minutes of their time with cats and dogs showed a significant reduction in the stress hormone ‘cortisol’. But we already know that, don’t we? All pet owners will agree that their furry friends evoke positive emotions in them and reduce their stress. However, taking care of your pets can be time-consuming.

Sick dog - White medicine pills spilling out of bottle on wooden floor with blurred cute Shih tzu dog background. Pet health care, veterinary drugs and treatments concept. Selective focus.
Sick dog – White medicine pills spilling out of bottle on wooden floor with blurred cute Shih tzu dog background. Pet health care, veterinary drugs and treatments concept. Selective focus.


Dogs need constant attention and care. Here are some cool tips to take care of your dog as a student or as someone who works from home:

  1. Jerome, the proud owner of a Yorkie called Dorky and a German Shepherd called Jamie, has recently completed his doctorate and is now a favorite assignment help Australia expert on a popular online platform. He says that if you own a dog, three key things it will need are: food, water, and exercise. Make sure to keep a fresh bowl of water, feed it at the same time, and take it out for a walk or jog every day. Also, wait for at least 30 minutes after you’ve walked your dog to feed them.
  2. Nick is in the third year of college. He and his roommate adopted a street dog in their freshman year and look after it together. He shared, “Having a roommate who loves dogs too helps in many ways. We try to make sure to feed, exercise, and care for our dog according to a fixed plan to avoid any kind of neglect. At times, it becomes difficult to keep up with all the classes, assignments, and group projects and make sure that our dog gets fed on time. So, we make a plan every week and assign duties. We have stuck to our routines for two years and it’s great to have a backup in college to take care of your pet when you are not available.”
  3. Chloe is doing her Masters in Physics. She also works as a freelance assignment helper on GoAssignmentHelp for undergraduate students. She owns Labra called Bella. She shares, “We all need a little downtime after studying or doing homework for the day. I usually spend my time with friends but my Tuesdays and Fridays are reserved for Bella. On these days, I bathe her, groom her, and play with her. She knows that I love her and is a perfect playmate.”
  4. Thomas has a dog with too much energy. He shares, “Brutus is a large dog and needs long walks to keep calm. Thankfully, some other students on the campus have large dogs too, and walking together has become a favorite pastime for us dog owners. We also discovered that taking our dogs on a different route each walk and allowing them to smell and feel the world in their way tires them out quickly. A great game of fetch with five rules (stay, come here, get it, drop it, and leave it) also helps channel their energy. I make sure that my dog gets a sleep of 12-14 hours a day and not be sleep-derived. It also gives me time to study at peace.”
  5. Melanie now works as an assignment helper UK full-time. She reminisces, “When I walked into my dorm room for the first time with my pet Luna, I knew that I will be the only one to take care of her. I brought the bare minimum with me but I had my cleaning supplies, vacuum cleaner, and proper storage items. I avoided clutter in my room and kept it clean and tidy. I wanted to give Luna a healthy environment and I think the dogs deserve it as much as you do.”
  6. “Dogs repel laziness. They need high-quality food at the time, exercise, a fresh bowl of water, and their time together with you. You cannot neglect their dental hygiene or skip daily walks with them. As a student, you also need to do your school work and you will, of course, need self-care time. In short, if you have a pet, you cannot do without a planned daily routine“, says Liora who is doing her doctorate in English Literature.
  7. Chris is a student of Computer Engineering at one of the top universities in the US. He shares, “You must be aware that pets need regular visits to veterinarians. They need vaccinations and treatments regularly. It is a good idea to find out the best vet nearest to your college dorm or living arrangements who is available on weekends or at odd hours (when you are free). You must also make sure you have the facilities (such as a fan or an air conditioner) to keep the pet comfortable. You will also need to commit to brush the teeth of your dog, groom it, and give it a weekly bath on weekends. Taking care of a dog is like taking care of a baby. You cannot switch off being a dog-parent even if you are a student.”

Having a dog in college can both be a boon and a pain-in-the-ass. But if you truly love your dog, having it near you is quite rewarding. If you need more tips, write to us at info@animalstime.com.

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