Losing a pet is the same as losing a family member or a close friend for avid pet enthusiasts, causing immense loss and pain to them. Deciding how best to lay the remains at rest can be among the most critical and painful decisions a pet parent makes.

Invariably, they consider the current animal cremation pricing or seek details of burying their beloved furry friend. However, there is another, far more humane way to ensure that pets can peacefully leave this world aquacremation. It uses water instead of flames to gently decompose the body, providing an environmentally friendly way to lay pets to rest.

Those who have lost a pet should consider this water-based cremation method for a more compassionate final goodbye. Here’s a few details that elaborate on the subject.

What it is, and how it works

With the global pet products market growing in size each year, industry experts expect the trend of aquacremation to grow as well, as an increasing number of people choose this way to lay their pets to rest.

The scientific name of water-based cremation is Alkaline Hydrolysis, and it is a unique process that primarily uses alkali created from potassium salts and sodium. The solution is ninety-five per cent water and five per cent alkali and is used in a heated vessel that contains the body of the deceased pet. The heat of the vessel and the solution gently decompose the remains in an environmentally friendly way without using any gases.

The entire process takes an average time of twelve to twenty hours, with the skeletal remains being ground to fine dust and returned to the pet parents in an urn or vessel of their choice. Meanwhile, the water can be safely released into the earth without worries of it causing any damage to the ground.

Reasons pet parents should consider aquacremation

Folks still contemplating whether or not to opt for this way of cremation can refer to the following points for better clarity. It is essentially a list of the reasons that make it the best choice for all animal lovers worldwide.

  • It is a natural process – The water-based method mimics the same way the body would decompose naturally, but only in a faster manner. Therefore, it is arguably the most natural way for any animal to go.
  • A more significant percentage of the remains are left – Using aquacremation, pet families can get at least twenty per cent more of the remains compared to the methods involving flame. Several folks incorporate these ashes into good-quality soil and grow plants as a tribute to their lost companion.  
  • Eco-friendly – The water solution is incredibly energy-efficient and produces a mere one-tenth of the typical carbon footprint than flame-based methods do. That’s because flame pyres release harmful elements such as cadmium, nickel, mercury, and arsenic, which the water-based process does not.
  • Any animal can be cremated this way – Reputable aqua crematoriums provide excellent services that help pet owners to decompose all kinds of animals, from dogs and cats to exotic pets like tortoises and rabbits. So, be assured that regardless of the type of animal you care for, this peaceful option is open to you when the inevitable time comes. 
  • Remains are sent directly to the families – A trustworthy cremation house that does not wish to trouble owners during their time of loss will arrange to have the ashes hand-delivered to them after the cremation is complete. Alternatively, they may also hand the remains over to the veterinarian or pet clinic that the families deal with to make this easier.

What it could cost

While the average animal cremation pricing that involves flame typically ranges upwards of $250, water cremation could cost a lot more. General estimates show that it can cost pet parents upwards of $2,000 for a single pet. However, the actual cost depends on the size of the animal and the cremation home.

That being said, several animal lovers find this a reasonable cost to put their beloved furry friends to rest. They do not mind spending extra as it ensures that their best friend is treated with utmost care and respect during its final rites. Besides, some establishments offer finance options to help make the process a lot easier for grieving pet parents.

Final thoughts 

Knowing that the use of water is a more ethical, eco-friendly, and humane way for your pets to go, consider it the next time you lose a furry friend to an illness or old age.

More importantly, find ardent animal lovers who run an aqua crematorium with utmost transparency, caring for your departed companion in the most amazing and gentle way possible. It will guarantee you peace of mind to leave your loyal pet in their hands.

Waleed Khalid

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