Here Are The Reasons Why Your Dog Needs to Exercise

Dogs need exercise, and if you don’t walk them or give them a job to do outside, they will find ways to entertain themselves. This might not be the best thing for their health! In this blog post, we discuss why your dog needs to exercise and what type of exercises are best suited for different types of dogs.

Weight Loss

Weight loss is an obvious reason to exercise your dog. Dogs that are overweight will benefit from the added health benefits of having a healthy weight, but more importantly, they stand a much better chance at achieving and maintaining this if their owner puts some effort into helping them reach it. To find out the recommended weight for your pet, just simply search online “how heavy should my dog be” and you will get a variety of sites that provide you with the information.

If your dog is overweight, it probably means they are eating more than what their body needs to sustain itself. When this happens, extra calories from food turn into fat which can lead to several problems including heart disease and diabetes. For weight loss in dogs to be successful, it is important to provide them with a healthy diet for their weight. This means modifying the amount of food they are given daily and changing up what you feed them so that they can get all of the nutrients that they need without too many calories.

Not Going Out of Bounds

When you are not exercising your dog, they are likely to feel cooped up inside the house. This is especially true for high-energy dogs! Without adequate mental and physical stimulation, these kinds of dogs can get very anxious or even develop behavioral problems that make them difficult to handle at home.

You want to give your pet plenty of time to run around and play outside, but it is important to make sure they are not going out of their boundaries. This means making sure your fence is secure so that they can’t get away from you or dig under it! Dog parks provide the perfect opportunity for dogs to be able to exercise without having a leash on them all of the time.


Exercise for dogs can play a huge role in improving their mental health as well. Dogs that are very anxious or stressed out often benefit greatly from regular exercise routines because it helps them to burn off excess energy and release endorphins into their bloodstream which can act as natural tranquilizers.

When you don’t give your dog the right kind of exercise, this can lead to the development of serious behavioral problems. Dogs that are not exercised enough may become destructive when they are home alone or have outbursts where they bark excessively because their pent-up energy needs an outlet.


Dogs are social animals, so they need to have human interaction for them to be able to thrive. Regular exercise allows your pet time with you while doing something fun and exciting! This special bonding time will help strengthen the relationship between dog and owner which can improve their overall behavior as well. Dog parks provide the perfect opportunity for dogs to be able to exercise without having a leash on them all of the time.

Dogs who don’t exercise often become lazy and lethargic which makes them more prone to obesity. If your dog is overweight, it will have an increased risk of developing health problems such as arthritis, diabetes, and heatstroke. Exercising also provides mental stimulation for the animal so that you can keep your pet’s brain healthy too!

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