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If you’ve rabbits as pets then you’d probably be aware as to how long do rabbits live. Rabbits have a speedy reproductive rate. This article is embedded with essential facts about rabbits lifespan. The breeding season ranges from February to October and it lasts for 270 days. However some species have different breeding season in that the rabbits living in Australia and New Zealand have a breeding season in late July and late January. The period of gestation lasts for 1 month. The average litters comprise 4 to 12 juveniles, with larger breeds having larger litters. The baby rabbit is known as kit. These kits begin to wean after 4 to 5 weeks. This implies that a female rabbit gives birth to around 800 kits each season, which is by far the fastest reproductive rate amongst land animals. A doe is capable to breed after a period of 6 months; whereas buck begins to breed after 7 months. the mating period lasts for about 30 to 40 seconds.

How Long Do Rabbits Live

Rabbits have an expected lifespan of about 9 to 12 years, with longest-lived species survived up to 18 years. Rabbits are basically herbivores and they largely rely on plants, roots, and leaves for their regular feed. They tend to graze seriously in their first half an hour however, as the time proceeds, rabbits become more and more selective. The eating begins at noon. Rabbits are very fond of jumping around in wide places and if they don’t feel any danger or predator-threats they will remain outdoors for several hours.

These species are also accustomed to dig deep burrows which, if you’re not habitual, can be irritating initially; therefore, before keeping rabbits as pets these considerations ought to be taken into account. Rabbits tend to gather a chewed plant material inside its cecum which is a secondary compartment flanked by the large and small intestines, holding a greater quantity of symbiotic bacteria. This bacterium facilitates in the digestion of cellulose and is also responsible for the production of Vitamin B.

Rabbits have an upright relationship with humans and they are also considered to be expressive in demonstrating their utmost needs. This relationship dates back to the 1000 B.C. in the era of Phoenicians. The European Rabbit is the only rabbit specie that can be domesticated. Nonetheless, rabbits and humans interact in many different ways beyond domestication.

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