How to Create Your Own Story Book Gift?

With the holidays fast approaching, the gift list rolls on once again. Gone are the days when the only options that people had were jewelry, gadgets, and all that expensive pizzazz. These days, everyone tends to appreciate anything you give them, especially one that they can treasure for years. Now, the choices narrow down to hand-made and personalized items.

So, why not create a story book gift for your beloved? It is something that you can keep for years and still come out relevant and heartwarming. It would always give you the chance to go down memory lane as you read the book.

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What Does Story Book Gift Mean?

A storybook gift is a personalized gift you can give to special people around you. You can use it to tell stories of how you met, or some unusual tidbits of anecdotes between you two. The fun part about it is it can even be a joint project, say you want to give it as a souvenir for your wedding, your kid’s christening, or during Christmas.

Then, you can also use colorful illustrations to make it even more fun and exciting. If you have excellent drawing skills, you can even draw one which looks like you two. Otherwise, some professionals are willing to offer their services to you and let them make avatars that look like you and your loved ones.

How Do You Make a Story Book Gift?

The best part about giving a storybook as a present is you can let your imagination run wild. Aside from telling snippets about you and the recipient, you can also create a storybook gift that narrates your latest space journey. If you want to make it even more special, write some songs or poems and insert it somewhere. Nevertheless, it surely something to warm up their hearts this Christmas.

So, how do you create a storybook gift? Here are the necessary steps:

Decide on Your Story

Decide whether you would write a story of how you two met, a special event, or an entirely fictional adventure you want to have.

Create an Art Style

If you are also the illustrator of this project, decide what art style you want your characters to bring to life. Better yet, make it something that looks exactly like the gift recipient would.

Organize everything

Before printing everything out, make sure each one is coherent. The story tells what you want to say and show what you want the world to know.

Print It Out

If you plan to do it yourself, you can print it out on ordinary or a specific paper before stapling it together.

Although there is another way which would make everything more comfortable and better for you, some companies offer a storybook gift to anyone who wishes. Think of it this way; it is also as if you would be self-publishing your book.

The words, the story, and the idea are all yours. You may let the company take care of the rest, like illustrations, binding, and everything else. You may even ask them to print multiple copies for you for a lifetime of memories captured in a little storybook.

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