How To Ensure Your Pets Are Taken Care While You’re Away

Whether you’re going on a much-needed vacation or you have to travel for work, if you have pets, you need to set up plans for their care while you’re away. As long as you know that your pets are in good hands, you won’t worry about them, which will allow you to have a stress-free time. Here are some tips to help you find someone to take care of your pets the next time you have a trip planned.

Hire a Pet Sitter

If you have a trusted family member or friend who loves pets, ask if that person would be interested in coming to your house to tend to your pets. Pet sitters should do more than simply feed the pets; they should also spend quality time with and play games with your pets, especially if you have dogs. Dogs are full of energy and need to find ways to release it. Otherwise, they may show destructive behaviors, such as chewing on shoes or furniture.

Another option is to have your pets stay at someone else’s house. This option might be better because your pets will be around people all of the time. The pet sitter will better be able to monitor your pets’ activities and mental states to ensure they’re happy and healthy. Make sure that you offer to pay for the pet sitter’s time, especially if your pets are staying at the sitter’s residence. 

If you have a Europe cruise coming up and forgot to ask someone for help with your pets, you can always check for sitters online or through word of mouth. Your local veterinarian may even know someone who can watch your pets. Make sure you interview possible candidates and check their references to verify that they’re trustworthy.

Review instructions with the pet sitter, such as what your pets can eat and how much to feed them. Even after you’ve spoken with the sitter, write everything down so the individual can go over the information at any time rather than having to contact you. 

Take Your Pets To a Boarding Kennel

Boarding facilities have come a long way. While some facilities still opt to have pets in kennels most of the day, others allow pets to intermingle with one another, in which case, the staff pays close attention to the animals to ensure they’re getting along. 

The type of facility you choose depends on your pet’s personality. If you have a timid dog that is never around other dogs, keeping it in a kennel away from other animals might be better. If your cat loves people, cats and dogs, it might be better off in an area where it can socialize.

Regardless of how you choose to board your pets, you should take some necessary items to the facility. Provide contact information for yourself and someone you trust who can tend to your pets in an emergency. Also, pack your pets’ favorite toys, snacks and blankets. Items that remind them of you will help them feel more comfortable. 

Ask Your Veterinarian

Some vets offer boarding services. If you have an older pet or a pet with medical problems, this type of boarding might be a good fit. Your pets will have a highly trained medical staff around them at all times to monitor anything that’s out of the ordinary.

Keep Your Goodbye Short

Although you probably want to give your pets extra hugs and kisses before you have to leave, it’s best not to make a big deal about your departure. Your pets can sense that something is awry by your behavior, which may cause them to feel anxious. Treat this departure the same way you do any other time you have to leave the house.

Finding the proper care for your pet while you’re away can be a tedious process. However, once you find a person or facility that you trust, setting up for your pet’s care will be fast and easy. Knowing that your pet is safe and happy will make your trip go much more smoothly.

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