Howler Monkey Facts | List of 10 Amazing Facts about Howler Monkeys

Come and enjoy with me some of the most fascinating howler monkey facts including howler monkey diet, habitat, and breeding. Howler monkey (Allouatta palliatta) displays a stout body together with the curved appearance. Depending upon the species, these monkeys are predominantly black-and-brown in color and sometimes exhibit even red color. They have a dense prehensile tail which is naked on the underside at the tip. These South American monkeys have large hands and feet but they pick up objects while using their second and third fingers. The length of howler monkeys measures around 4 – 6 feet (1.2 – 1.8 meters) about half of which is tail. The females are slightly less heavy than males. The males weigh around 16 – 22 pounds (7.2 – 10 kg); while females weigh at 9 – 18 pounds (4 – 8 kg). Howler monkeys are found all throughout the Central and South America including southern Mexico and northern Argentine. They build their habitats in tropical and subtropical forests. They are primarily known for their loud howling calls.

Howler Monkey Facts

  • Howler monkeys begin their first howling when they rise after the sunrise. The female tends to produce a louder sound as compared to males. One group-howling stimulates the other to do so, and the individuals typically howl when they see their other counterparts in the no-man’s-land which is perhaps a warning against any threats nearby. The cries can be heard at a distance of 2 – 3 miles (3 – 5 km).
  • The head-and-body length of howlers measure around 56 – 92 cm (22 – 36 inches).
  • They can smell food at a distance of 2 kilometers.
  • The average weight of male howlers measure around 1.5 – 2.0 kg.
  • The males are heavier than females.
  • Howler monkeys are sometimes referred to as ‘Howlers’. Its entire skeleton is perfectly adaptable for the loud calls such as its throat and the shape of a skull.
  • Howling is generally followed by the day’s feeding and they usually start their day slowly. They sleep in the trees. In the mid-afternoon, howlers take rest. They are known to spend three-quarters of the whole day resting. The rest of the day is spent in traveling, feeding, and again resting.
  • A troop may compose of 30 individuals in which females are twice or thrice as many as males. The average number of individuals in a troop counts to 18 animals. The males remain dominant within the troop but are not too aggressive.
  • The males lead the way when going through the leaves.
  • The average lifespan of howler monkeys is 15 to 20 years.
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Howler Monkey
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What Do Howler Monkeys Eat | Howler Monkey Facts

Howler monkeys primarily consume leaves which form bulk of their diet. Howlers are also known to feed on fruits and flowers, buds, nuts, and shells. They can become aggressive towards each other while feeding on wild figs and a single troop must have a range large enough to cover large quantity of wild fig trees. They directly pull out the fruits by hand from stems. Howlers generally feed on half-fruits and leave the rest in drain. They use their tail wrapping around a branch for stability while feeding.

Breeding | Howler Monkey Facts

The howler monkey breeds all-round the year and female usually litters one baby after a gestation period of 6 – 7 months. Around one-third of the females have infants within the same troop. The new-born babies cling to the mothers’ bellies and wrapped around the mother’s base. They will depend on their mother for at least 6 months.

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