Insect protein-based pet food: What are the advantages?

You’ve probably heard of humans eating or farming insects in recent years. After all, with the need to protect the environment, we must find alternative food sources – especially when it comes to protein-containing foods. But did you know what we feed our pets has as much impact on the environment as the food produced for us? This is why insect protein pet food can be a good idea.

But don’t pets need to eat meat? How can insect protein fulfil their needs? Let’s find out more about this novel product:

So why feed your pet insects?

  1. Easy for them to digest

All pets need protein, even those cats and dogs with food allergies. However, protein from sources like chicken or salmon can be difficult to tolerate, even for pets who don’t have allergies.

The typical response from most hypoallergenic pet food manufacturers is to include such protein still but to make it more difficult for your pet’s body to recognise. Have you ever spotted “hydrolysed” protein among the ingredients? Hydrolysis is when a protein gets broken into smaller parts. Thus, the protein doesn’t produce symptoms of your pet’s intolerance, but it doesn’t give them any nutritional benefit, either. In fact, it can actually lead to deficiencies and harm.

Whereas insect protein is a protein that all animals can easily digest, it’s antibiotic-free and highly bioavailable; no pet has ever been allergic to insect protein.

  1. Better for the environment

You’ve probably heard of the humungous harmful impact farming typical protein sources like cattle have on the environment. Not only do livestock produce methane that harms the ozone layer, but in turn, even the food farmed to feed these cows has a high carbon footprint. With a significant amount of cattle farmed to produce pet foods, switching to insect protein makes a big difference.

  1. Nutritionally balanced

No one feeds their dog or cat 100% meat. Pets have other nutritional needs beyond just protein sources. Bellfor knows this, which is why they’ve paired their alternative black soldier fly insect protein with other wholesome ingredients. For dogs, the tapioca and lentils in Bellfor’s Grain-Free Dry Dog Food with Insects make easily digestible carbohydrate sources, while cats, obligate carnivores, get everything they need in I Love My Cat’s Hypoallergenic Cat Food. Our insect protein, fortified with all the necessary vitamins and minerals, will keep your pet fighting fit!

What’s in insect protein-based pet food?

Of course, insect protein pet food is not 100% ground insects. So, what else is in it?

  1. Insects

Of course, the main ingredient in insect protein-based pet food is insects. Hermetia illucens, to be exact. Also known as the black soldier fly, this insect provides a high-quality protein that is easy for your pet to digest while requiring very little in the way of resources while farming. This protein source is a brilliant option with no land, very little food, and zero antibiotics. 

  1. Carbohydrates

Then there’s the carbohydrate source. For dogs, grains like wheat are not a good option. That’s why this food contains easily-digestible lentils and tapioca instead. Peas and sweet potatoes are the wholesome, nutritious carbohydrates used for cats.

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