Healthy Pet: 7 Key Reasons to Buy Pet Insurance

Are you wondering about the merits of pet insurance? 

Let’s be honest, having a pet can be expensive enough. Not only do you have to pay for food, but you also have to budget for things such as pet-sitting, pet-walking, and unexpected medical bills. 

Of course, pet insurance is another monthly expense to add to your spreadsheet. But, in the end, it might actually save you thousands of dollars and instances of stress. This is why over two million pets in North America are insured by their owners. 

If you’re going back and forth on whether or not to get pet insurance, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a guide that outlines why having pet insurance is so important for maintaining a healthy pet. 

Sure, pet insurance is going to add another bill to your monthly expenses. But, the peace of mind that pet insurance will provide throughout the duration of your pet’s life is bound to be priceless.

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1. It Covers Sick Visits

First and foremost, your pet insurance is going to help cover sick visits. 

This means that you can bring your sick four-legged-friend to the vet without the need to stress about your vet bill. Kennel cough? No problem. This also applies to when your pet experiences any variety of injuries.  

This means that your pet will be treated and provided with the necessary medication for their case. 

2. You Can Avoid Costly Surprises

We all know the costly surprises that pet owners sometimes face with their pets. 

Your dog may have swallowed his favorite toy and require emergency surgery to have it removed. Your cat might have chased the mouse just a little too much and damaged his leg. Either way, it’s likely you’re going to be faced with a medical bill that you may not have been prepared to pay. 

In fact, the average cost for unexpected veterinary care is between $800-$1500 per procedure? This cost is even more significant for large-scale pets such as horses, large dog breeds and pigs. 

With pet insurance, you don’t have to stress about these emergency costs. Instead, your pet insurance will cover your bill and your savings account and remain carefully intact. 

3. Veterinary Costs Are Rising 

As with most costs and services in life, the cost of veterinary attention is only going to continue to rise. 

With technology continuing the progress, there are more and more ways to save your pet or elongate their lifespan. However, these means are admittedly expensive and sometimes out of reach for the average pet owner. 

In securing a pet insurance policy, you don’t need to worry about the rising costs of medical attention. With pet insurance, you’ll nearly always be able to afford the best technology and attention that your pet needs and deserves. 

4. It Will Extend Your Pet’s Life

It’s easy to understand how regular visits to the vet will help to extend your pet’s lifespan. 

This will ensure that your pet is as healthy as can be and that all illnesses, injuries, and diseases are treated properly and completely. Far too often, pet owners have no choice but to allow their pets to suffer from pain or disease. This is due to an inability to pay for medication or the necessary medical procedure. 

This is simply not the case with pet insurance and will help to take the financial stress out of pet ownership. 

5. Discounts May Apply

This is great news for anyone that has more than one pet. 

Many pet insurance policies will provide a discounted rate for second and third pets. For example, if you have two dogs, you might pay full price for the first insurance policy and benefit from a reduced rate for your second dog. 

This makes covering your entire pet family all the more possible. After all, how could we protect one of our pets without the other? 

6. It Can Suit Nearly Any Pet

Did you know that pet insurance doesn’t just cover dogs and cats? 

Let’s be honest, having a pet is no longer limited to just having a cat or a dog. These days, pet owners are getting more and more creative in what they’re choosing to bring home as a pet. 

The good news is that pet insurance doesn’t discriminate when it comes to providing policies for pets. This means that you can easily attain pet insurance for your horse, bird or ferret. Whatever your pet may be, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to insure it. 

7. There Are Plenty of Options

It’s only natural to stress about the idea of adding another monthly cost to your expenses. 

The good news is that there are all different types of pet insurance policies. This means that finding a policy to suit your budget is actually incredibly easy! This is the best way to ensure that you’re protecting your pet and minimizing your financial stress. 

Not sure if there’s a pet insurance policy to suit your budget? Be sure to compare pet insurance policies online to find the right one of yourself and your pet. 

The Best Way to Ensure a Healthy Pet 

If you have a pet, you know firsthand that we like to treat our animals like another member of the family. 

Like humans, pets have serious needs and can find themselves knee-deep in exorbitant medical bills. When the costs to alleviate a serious issue are high, pet owners can find themselves in a tough predicament. After all, the cost to perform certain surgeries and procedures on pets can cost thousands upon thousands of dollars. 

This is why so many pet owners choose to opt for pet insurance. Not only will this help you to maintain a healthy pet, but it will alleviate that “what if” stress from the back of your mind. 

Remember, there are countless options when it comes to finding the right pet insurance for you. 

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