Signs of A Well-Trained K9

Depending on the organization they work for, a K9 is usually expected to search for explosives and drugs, find crime scene evidence, locate missing people, and attack people who are targeted by the authorities.

However, before they can perform all of these tasks, dogs should be trained by professionals, such as Desert Cove K9, first. The quality of the training they receive can significantly impact their performance once they start to work with law-enforcement personnel.

Signs of A Well-Trained K9

Training a K9 doesn’t only involve the dog. Its handler will also go through a lengthy process to ensure that they can train the dogs to the best of their abilities. A well-trained K9 possesses the following qualities:

1.     They’re Obedient and Knows How To Socialize

K9s, regardless of the responsibilities they have, are expected to be at their best when in public. A dog who is running around, can’t be controlled by a lease, and jumps to people can startle the public. This is especially true for people who have had phobias with dogs or children.

One of the easiest ways to spot a well-trained K9 is to check their behavior when they’re in public. Are they able to follow basic commands, such as sit and stay? Do they walk by their handler’s side even if they’re on a leash or without it?

A police dog goes through obedience training from professional dog training in Scottsdale or other parts of the globe, as early as when they’re puppies. This is when K9s learn the most fundamental aspects of being a K9 and what they should do whenever they start working with law-enforcement personnel.

Obedience training allows the dogs to learn at the earliest time possible and help them to practice these traits as they continue to grow.

2.     They’re Scenting Champions

One of the most common reasons why law enforcement agencies are working with K9s is because these dogs are trained to sniff any kind of drugs and explosives. They go through a rigorous training process that’s aimed to heighten their sense of smell.

Their noses can be a Holy Grail the moment they start to work with law enforcement authorities. Because of this, it’ll be very easy for them to do the following:

  • Although they’re trained to sniff, K9s actually don’t have any interest in the drugs themselves. During their training, trainers use the dog’s favorite toy and associate them with the smell of drugs.
  • Aside from sniffing drugs and explosives, K9s are also trained to find a specific person. They do this by following a scent article taken by where the last person was seen. Because of their training, K9s can trail a person through grass, woods, and water, as well as other terrains. During their training, K9s are also taught to follow scents taken from an object or in the air.
  • K9s are also a great help in sniffing dead bodies. Their sense of smell can detect if there are any dead bodies nearby, even if the body is below the ground. Whenever a corpse decays, a certain odor is produced. K9s are very sensitive to this odor, making it easy for them to track dead bodies.
  • If you want to check whether a K9 is properly trained, pay attention to their ability to smell. Were they able to successfully smell drugs from a person’s bag or pocket? Are they calm when doing the inspection? A K9’s sniffing ability can determine if they’re fully trained for the job.

Signs of A Well-Trained K9

3.     They Respect The Leadership Of Their Handler

As mentioned, the handler of the K9s also goes through training. The dogs need to be familiar with the person they’re working with.

Aside from their heightened sense of smell, a well-trained K9 will also know how to respect the leadership of their handler. They will stop barking on command, walk on a loose leash without pulling, and don’t rush through doorways ahead of the handler.

You’ll Be At Ease

K9s can be seen almost everywhere. These guard dogs usually roam around the streets and even in malls.

If you have a fascination for dogs and want to check if the K9s you see are actually trained for the job, use this article as your reference. You’ll feel safer to wander in public places once you know that a trained K9 is readily available to help you.

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