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what do gorillas eat in the wild

What Do Gorillas Eat | Interesting Facts about Gorilla’s Diet

A Gorilla is busy in three different activities all throughout the day; feeding, traveling, and resting. Depending entirely on subspecies, the gorilla’s diet considerably...

Endangered Animals List For Kids | Top 10 Endangered Animals

Here is an endangered animals list for kids that are not commonly available elsewhere. These animals are likely to be extinct in the next...

Endangered Animals Facts | Top 7 Critically Endangered Animals

Let’s check out the list of these critically endangered animals facts. Endangered animals are species that are threatened with extinction – that is, dying...
mountain gorilla facts

Mountain Gorilla Facts | Mountain Gorilla Habitat & Diet

You will surely enjoy all these wonderful mountain gorilla facts that takes you to a deep insight of these wild animals. The mountain gorilla...
Gorilla Facts For Kids | Fun Facts About Gorillas For Kids

Gorilla Facts For Kids | Fun Facts About Gorillas For Kids

Here are some of the most exciting gorilla facts for kids including real insights about the gorillas diet, habitat, reproduction, and behavior.  Gorillas are...
Gorilla mother and infant

Where Do Gorillas Live | Gorillas Habitat

Do you know where do gorillas live? This article guides you toward understanding the distribution of this wild species. Chimps and humans are believed...

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