The Difference between CBD Oils for Humans and Pets

CBD oil’s beneficial and wellness-promoting properties are related to CBD oil interactions with the endocannabinoid system. It is a greatly essential physiological system for the maintenance and establishment of human and pet health. The majority of the vertebrates and invertebrates have an endocannabinoid system, and the use of CBD oil offers soothing and relaxing properties for all. However, the doses and concentration may differ for different individuals. Therefore, this article is mainly concerned with highlighting the main differences between CBD oil for humans and pets.

CBD oil is significantly important for people and pets as the endocannabinoid systems of the pets work in the same way as humans’ system. The difference of CBD oil for pets and humans is demonstrated in terms of milligram contents and specific flavors.


Manufacturing Process 

 There are no significant differences between the CBD oils for animals and people, but the process of making the CBD containing products may vary. CBD companies or manufacturers tend to add some specific flavors for pets to entice them to try this oil. CBD oil tinctures can be used for both humans and pets, as the use of tinctures is reported to be the easiest and effective.

CBD is non-psychoactive for both pets and humans, but sometimes its effects may vary, so the owners should be careful while selecting the CBD doses for pets. Pets also suffer from depression, anxiety, loud noises, and CBD oil to treat mood swings. Other cannabinoids like CBN or CBG oils can also be used to protect the nervous system, but the dosage should be decided according to the prescription of professional and qualified persons only.

Treating Various Health Conditions 

CBD oil offers excellent inflammatory properties for all creatures and helps to improve body metabolism and body system of all kinds of animals. It is a natural option to treat pain, inflammation, and anxiety, and its use is the best approach due to its non-toxic and non-addictive properties.

CBD oil for pets should always be THC free. Although various scientific findings have shown that THC has much lower toxicity in the animals and does not cause any fatal health issues, the minimized use of THC is better to promote health and wellness.

CBD isolate pet oils are available in the market, and some companies produce broad spectrum and isolate CBD oils for pets. These oils contain safe levels of terpenes and are also approved by the authorized pets.

Price and Potency

CBD pet oils are more expensive and less potent than usual CBD oils. However, fewer doses are given to the pets, so the overall cost will almost be the same. The fact is that providing human CBD oil to the pets will not cause any harm to the pets as long as the CBD oil is being used without artificial flavors, sugar contents, THC compounds.

Moreover, a proper calculation of CBD oil dosage for pets can enhance the overall health benefits and wellness. It’s better to consult with the animal veterinarian who could determine pets’ health status before giving them the necessary CBD dose.

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