The Role of Pets in the Lives of College Students

Nothing compares to the joy of coming home after a hard day at college and being met by a loyal companion. Students say that the unconditional love of their pets can do wonders in their lives. Even scientists have proved that animals affect our personality. 

According to the research published in the American Educational Research Association Open journal, animals can bring numerous benefits to students’ lives making an impact on their behavior, social interaction, and attitudes. The findings of this and some other studies are considered in detail below, so keep reading!

Improved social skills

Researchers argue that pets help students boost their social skills. How does it work? Just think, dogs and cats need your attention so you must somehow interact with them by talking and playing. This interaction teaches you new ways to give instructions and express feelings.

Sharing and cooperation are some other aspects that can be developed with the help of pets because you learn how to think and take care of others. Dr. James Griffin explains that this way animals can help in building social interactions.


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Studying at college is full of challenges that make students seek help. Some of them ask peers to complete assignments for them, while others try to get support from instructors. However, there is an easier way to deal with hardships – you can buy from Writix any type of paper you need, from an essay to a thesis. Anyways, if you have a pet, chances are you will be more likely to complete college tasks by yourself. Why so? Scientists have revealed that pets somehow help students increase their learning motivation and stay focused on a task. This means, you can become more eager to deal with difficult assignments and concentrate all your attention on them. 

Regular activity 

Does it seem to you that you can prepare for exams if you get to focus non-stop on books and projects? I’m sorry to disappoint you but it’s not really a viable strategy for getting better learning outcomes. On the contrary, such behavior leads to fatigue and consequently to less satisfying academic results. Continuous learning results in lack of focus and worse grades.

The good news is that having a pet makes you take small breaks to play, cuddle and feed it, which allows your brain to relax for a few minutes. Education experts say that short frequent pauses for such activities can improve learner’s concentration and significantly increase productivity. In other words, taking a dog for a walk does not only give you a chance to breathe fresh air but also improves brain functioning in times of great mental effort.

Coping with loneliness

Sometimes, studying at college can make you socially isolated as it requires much time for learning on your own. Being absorbed by books and research papers typically results in lack of communication and loneliness. One of the most effective ways to deal with these unpleasant consequences of studying is having a pet. As long as you look after it, you are not alone. 

An animal can be a companion that is always with you, even in hard times. It won’t distract you a lot so you can focus on learning and it won’t allow you to feel lonely at the same time. Once you need some interaction, you can organize it by taking your dog for a walk or playing with a cat. Sounds great, doesn’t it?


Psychological well-being 

Managing stress caused by studying is a difficult task for most young people. However, it gets easier for those who have pets. Studies show that animals play a role in improving mental health. According to some findings, pets can provide sensory stress relief. It’s a well-known fact that touch and movement are two effective ways to quickly cope with tension. In other words, stroking a dog or a cat can help you feel calmer and less pressurized.

No matter in what mood you are, the companionship of an animal can offer you comfort and ease anxiety. Cuddling with a pet helps the brain produce more serotonin and keep away sadness or other negative feelings. Since pets accept their owners unconditionally, they bring so much joy, which is essential for good mental health. 

Final thoughts 

As you may see, pets play a vital role in the lives of students. They help young people improve their social skills, provide valuable companionship for those feeling lonely, decrease stress and anxiety levels, and even boost learning motivation. Hopefully, this sounds convincing enough for you to get a pet at college!

Author’s BIO

Michael Turner is an academic writer and study coach. Michael believes that human-animal interaction is crucial for psychological well-being and productive performance. After reading multiple studies dedicated to pet’s impact on our lives, Michael decided to share his insights on this topic with Internet users.

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