Things To Keep In Mind When Dressing Up Your Cat

You’ve seen the pictures on Instagram or on your colleague’s phone at work. Cat outfits are getting pretty popular, and how could they not? Take something cute and cuddly and wrap it in something cute and cuddly, and you’ve got extra cuteness. Many people with cats are open to the idea of dressing up their furry friend; only they’re not quite sure how to begin the process or whether their cat will like it. The following will explore some of the things you want to keep in mind when selecting costumes for your cat and to try them on.

Understand Your Cat’s Personality

The difference between a cat that is adored for dressing up and one that humans laugh about is whether or not the costume or clothing you’ve chosen reflects your cat’s vibe. Some cats feel regal and so aren’t suited by cutesy outfits. Some cats are playful and so do well with bright, happy pop culture reference outfits. Do you know that cat costumes come in a wide variety of options? You will find something that vibes well with your cat if you keep looking. If you’re unsure, ask a friend or family member what they think.

Be Aware Of The Occasion

Sometimes you’re dressing your cat up because of a specific holiday or event. If this is the case, you’ll want to be aware of the themes, colors, and motifs that are common for that occasion. The internet will be full of ideas if you start searching {name of holiday} + {outfits for cats}.

Be Conscious Of The Temperature

Yes, cat clothing and costumes can be the cutest. Absolutely. This being said, it’s a good idea to think about how hot or cold it is when selecting what you want to put your cat in. If it’s already scorching hot out and you’re wrapping your furry friend up in something warm like wool, you can bet your cat is going to get really uncomfortable really quickly. You might even be risking your cat getting dehydrated or experiencing heatstroke. Signs of dehydration to watch out for include a loss of energy, tacky or dry gums, panting, sunken eyes, and a refusal to eat. If you notice any of these symptoms, cool your cat down and get them some fluids ASAP.

Consider Your Cat’s Comfort

Some cats love snuggling up in cozy outfits. Some don’t. Always be wary of your cat’s comfort level. How do they react when you try to dress them up? Are they fighting against you? Always be conscious of your cat’s reaction and treat them with respect. Would you like it if a giant member of your household came and forced you to wear something you didn’t want to wear? Of course not.

If your cat is not interested in the costume you’ve selected, you might want to employ some patience and tactics. Maybe wash the costume to smell like a store and smell more like the clothing you wear and your home. Leave the costume near where the cat naps so that it can gain the smell of your furry friend. Spend time petting your cat with the costume over your hand so that they get comfortable with it. Begin dressing them again and see how they react. You might need to repeat these steps a few times before your cat warms up to the idea. Never force something on your cat it doesn’t want, as that’s a quick way to end up with them hating all costumes (and you having a few scratches).

Think About Allergies

Humans are not the only creatures on this earth that can be allergic to things. Cats can have allergies just like humans. Some of the most common cat allergies are fleas, pollen, household allergens (mold, dust, household mites, etc.), foods, plastic (yes, cats can be allergic to plastic, and this means plastic bowls they eat out of might be a problem), and fragrances/perfumes. Cats can also be allergic to materials, particularly synthetic materials that involve plastic elements like nylon, spandex, acrylic, rayon, polyester, and carbon fiber.

If your cat is sneezing, seems itchy, has developed hives or acne-like bumps on their skin (this has to be looked for as often their fur covers it up), gets recurring skin or ear infections, bites, licks, or scratches itself aggressively, this could indicate that they have an allergic reaction. Allergies should not be ignored as the inflammation they cause can contribute to health problems later on. They’re also horrifically uncomfortable, as anyone who has had them will tell you.

The above information should help you get your kitty all set up with an outfit or two. Again, it’s better to introduce the outfit slowly and ease your pet into it rather than forcing him or her into the clothes straight away.

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