What Every Pet Owner Needs to Know About CBD for Dogs

The rise of CBD oil goes beyond offering potential benefits for humans. This naturally-occurring compound is also popular among pet owners as well. A quick search online for pet treats and toys will often come up with CBD-laced cookies and other products, all which claim to be safe for your pet, learn at Labroots.

Is CBD really the right choice for your dog? And if you do decide to offer CBD to your four-legged friends, what do you need to know about how much to use? Before you reach for a CBD treat or toy, make sure you get educated on how to find the best products available.

What is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, the primary compound found in industrial hemp plants grown in the United States. When working in concert with other extracted cannabinoids, CBD creates what’s known as an “entourage effect,” with studies suggesting that it can improve how they work with the body.

Although most CBD oil products are meant for human use, veterinarians have done a lot of research on their own on how it can help pets. The preliminary studies suggest there is a lot of potential benefit for dogs as well.

cute smiling pug puppy dog holding up bottle of CBD oil wearing marijuana hemp leaf diadem, isolated on white background

How Does CBD React in Dogs?

Multiple peer-reviewed reports have used canines as both an analog for human consumption of CBD, as well as looked into how CBD affects dogs. Two key studies suggest that CBD oil offers suggested benefits for canines.

A 2018 study published in Frontiers in Veterinary Science treated dogs with both a placebo and enriched CBD oil. The results showed dogs given CBD oil had a “significant decrease in pain and increase in activity.” The dogs also showed no side effects.

Another study completed in 2019 by the Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences focused on CBD oil use with dogs suffering from seizures. After giving dogs CBD, the test group experienced fewer seizures than those given the placebo.

Is CBD Oil Right for My Dog?

If your dog is starting to show signs of aging, pain, or seizures, a tincture of organic, full spectrum CBD oil may be what they need to improve. But before you start, there’s a few things you should know.

First, don’t just settle for the first CBD pet treats you find on the marketplace. Some of these products may be counterfeit, and contain no CBD whatsoever. Instead, entice your best four-legged friend with their favorite treats, combined with a full tincture dropper of high-quality CBD oil. By controlling the source, you can ensure your pets only get the best.

Next, be sure to give them a proper amount for their weight and body type. While smaller dogs only need a little, bigger and heavier dogs will require a lot more CBD oil for you to see the transformative effects. As a rule, you should offer 0.25 milligrams of CBD oil per 5 pounds.

While CBD can be great for your canine friends, it’s equally important to make sure they only get the best, and in an amount appropriate for them. By doing the research and pairing treat time with a potentially beneficial tincture, you can ensure a long and happy life for your best friend when you buy CBD oil for them.

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