5 Guaranteed Money-saving Hacks for Dog Owners

Fine and high-quality doggy items do not necessarily have to be expensive, such as the dog collars that you see at forthefurry.com/collections/dog-collars. In fact, other doggy essentials and caring for your pet as a whole can be financially manageable and fit snugly into your budget with a few money-saving hacks.

Some of those who take in a dog as a companion do so without giving the financial aspect of it much thought. They realize too late that caring for dogs require so much more than the occasional dog food runs. Admittedly, even pet owners who did consider the costs of adopting a dog into the family might also feel the pinch in times when they are experiencing cash flow issues. Here are a few guaranteed money-saving hacks to help dog owners keep their furry little buddies happy without breaking the bank.

1. Make Your Own Dog Bed and Toys

It is fun to look at cute doggy beds and toys at the pet store, and your excitement just might have set your heart into to buying these even before you take your new family member home. Start a good money-saving habit by making these items yourself. Look up do-it-yourself (DIY) crafts for these, and you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to make them.

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2. Make Your Own Treats

Just like the previous DIY, you can also make these for your dog with the same food items that you regularly buy from the grocery store. Chances are, you may even have enough in your fridge and pantry to whip up a good and tasty treat for your dog right now.

You can also prepare your dog’s food from scratch, rather than buying bags of dog food from the pet shop. Healthy dog treats and dog food recipes abound online. The one big bonus that comes from making them for your dog is that you know exactly what is in the treats that it is munching on. One caveat, however, is knowing the types of “human foods” are good and potentially bad for your dog.

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3. Never Skimp on Exercise

Your dog needs exercise on a daily basis. Allowing it to expend its pent-up energy regularly will not only keep it in tip-top shape, but exercise will also help it develop a good temperament. A healthy dog means fewer trips to the veterinarian’s office.

4. Visit the Vet for Checkups Regularly

You do need to have your dog checked regularly by the vet to ensure that it is healthy. Schedule at least one visit a year for younger dogs and two for older pooches. Catching any potential medical issues early will be easier on the budget compared to a full-blown medical emergency.

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5. Groom at Home

Apart from being cost-effective, you can develop an even stronger bond with your dog if you groom it at home. Invest in good-quality nail clippers, doggy toothbrushes and other doggy hygiene items. Make sure to brush your dog’s teeth regularly, which is yet another way of keeping it from frequent vet trips.

Many other money-saving habits can help offset the costs of having a pet. As the needs of dogs differ, observe your own dog closely to create the most affordable plan to address its basic needs.

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