Why You Should Use a Dog Shower Head to Bathe Your Pooch

We use shower heads that make our shower more comfortable, so why not make our dog’s shower more comfortable with the right shower head.

Why Use a Dog Shower Head?

Many people think and know first-hand that bathing a pet is more torture than it is fun. This goes for you and the pet. Everyone knows that the hassle starts with getting them into the bathroom and then getting them wet and so on. It is almost 100 percent likely that you will be taking a shower while your dog does.

That is why you need a dog shower head. It makes washing your pet a lot easier – check it out. This is because shower heads that are designed for dogs have long flexible hoses. With a dog shower head, you will notice that bathing becomes more pleasant for you and your pet. Plus, some models of dog shower heads have different sprayer settings to adjust based on your dog’s preference.

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How to Choose a Dog Shower Head

When shopping for a showerhead for your dog you should pay attention to a few details to ensure that you are purchasing the best one for you and your dog. You should look for:

1. Material:

The showerhead should be durable and rustproof. You should always ensure that the showerhead has this type of material because it is often exposed to water. Stainless steel and plastic are the most commonly used materials.

2. Nozzles:

When purchasing a dog shower head, keep in mind that the bests ones are going to have rubber nozzles. These rubber nozzles are easier to clean and do not store any mineral deposits. Plus, they are not going to become clogged or damaged as easily.

3. Spray Settings

Most dog showerheads have a single spray setting. However, if you are looking for specific ones with multiple, they are out there. Some heads can have several spray settings. Plus, they are going to come with nozzles to be able to switch between the different settings.

4. Hose

You need to make sure that the hose on the head is long enough for you to be comfortable and your dog to be comfortable. It should be at least the length of your tub. Eight feet is what groomers recommend for length.

How to Bathe Your Dog

You should bathe your dog about once a month. Keep in mind that when you wash your pets too much the skin can turn dry because of the shampoos you use. If your dog is outside a lot and tends to get dirty, you can brush him or her to keep them clean between washes. PetClever has everything you need for bathing your dog like comfy dog towels – see more.

  • You should brush the dog before you put him/her into a bath. This removes mats to make sure that they do not get worse when wet.
  • Do not get water into your dog’s ear. This can cause health problems. Use a shower cap or cotton balls to help prevent water in the ears.
  • Do not use any other type of shampoo than a pet shampoo for dogs. Natural ingredient shampoos are the best.
  • Do not spray the water in the face of your dog. This helps protect the eyes. It is best to wash your pet from their neck and down. If the face is dirty, use a wet cloth.
  • Make sure your pet can dry properly. In the warm air, they can air-dry but if it is not warm use a dog hair dryer or towel.

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