8 Signs You’re Ready for a Pet

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Making the decision to adopt a pet is a big one that you shouldn’t take lightly. As a pet owner, you suddenly become responsible for another life. Gone will be the days of just taking off for a weekend trip with friends; you’ll have another life to ensure is safe, happy and healthy. Unlike kids, pets can’t tell you what’s wrong or what they’re feeling. Instead, you have to learn about their behaviors and personality after bringing them home. Wondering whether or not you’re ready to bring a pet into your life? Here are some of the common signs!

  • You’ve researched what you’ll need for a pet. From dog collar and leash sets to toys and grooming supplies, if you’ve researched all the items you’ll need for a pet and are aware that those needs might change over time, then you might be ready for a pet. It’s important to stay up to date on all the latest information regarding what’s safe and healthy for your pet, so taking the time to research all the things you’ll need is a good sign. 
  • You’ve started to budget for a pet. A pet is not a cheap endeavor. In fact, the average cost of owning a dog or cat for the first year is over $1,000. With adoption fees, vet fees, purchasing food, medications and all their toys and necessary items for your home, those costs can easily rack up. If you’re not already starting to budget for a pet, then you should be. You can’t just adopt a pet on a whim and expect that things will be cheap, either. Good-quality items for your pets will cost money, and you should be prepared to pay for them. Otherwise, you can potentially be doing more harm than good to your new furry friend. 
  • You are anxious living alone. Some first-time renters or homebuyers find that living in a space all alone can induce anxiety. Pets are great companions; they provide you with unconditional love and support. If you find yourself feeling anxious about living alone, and you’d really like some company with you but aren’t interested in bringing a human roommate into the fold, a pet might be just what you need. While owning a pet comes with a lot of responsibility, it’s also a good way to ease your anxieties and worries about living alone. 
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  • You grew up with a pet. A majority of households in America have had a pet at one time or another. Because of this, you’ll find that many people get a pet as soon as they move out — they don’t know life without one. Pets are lifelong companions, and they are fiercely loyal to their owners, especially when treated well. If you grew up with a pet, you might already be well aware of all that goes into pet ownership. And, while this might be the first time that you’re responsible for the bills, it might also be something you’re prepared for and used to from watching your parents or grandparents take care of your family pet. 
  • You’ve recently lost a pet. Pets, like all living creatures, eventually pass on. If you’ve recently lost your pet and are working through the grieving process, you might consider getting another pet. Being without a companion that offers the love and joy that a pet does is hard. And, if you’ve found yourself missing a cat curled up next to you in bed at night or a dog excitedly jumping to go out on a walk, then you might be ready to be a pet owner again. Tread with caution here, though — many pet owners who have recently lost a pet jump into new pet ownership too quickly, not allowing themselves to properly grieve their recently lost pet. 
  • You find yourself visiting the shelter section of pet stores. Sure, you might not have any real reason to be in a pet store, but if you find yourself being pulled to the cages and temporary homes for pets in the pet stores, then you might be ready to bring a pet home with you for good. Sometimes, it’s good to lean into a gut feeling! And, if you can’t explain why you constantly feel the need to go spend time with the pets at the shelter section of the pet store, then you might have just found your next calling — owning a pet. 
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  • You live in a space that allows pets. Some properties don’t allow pets. Whether you just bought your first home or recently moved into a property that allows pets, you can now allow yourself to entertain the idea of owning pets. While you might have to pay a deposit or a monthly fee for your pet, it can go a long way in making your new home feel special. Make sure you read up on all the conditions of pet ownership in your lease, though! Some properties require you to provide proof of vaccination, ensure your pet consistently wears their custom pet tag and only allow your pet to relieve themselves in certain areas of the property. You’ll know whether or not you’re able to follow those rules after reading them — but do so before you sign all the paperwork and bring a new pet home. 
  • You just really want a pet. Sometimes, the desire to own a pet outweighs all the other factors telling you that you might not be ready. You won’t know until you try! Even if you think you’ve got all your details together, owning a pet isn’t something you can always prepare for. Each pet has their own personality, and you won’t really know what you need or how to really take care of them until you bring them home. If you’ve ever owned a pet before, then you know that pets can have personality changes throughout their lifetime too. In some ways, they’re just like humans! 

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