Are Chinese Water Dragons Friendly? 

Pets are wonderful things to have in the home and give us owners a great deal of pleasure. The usual choice of pet would be a cat or dog, a rabbit or rodent, or perhaps fish in a tank or pond. The fish are there purely to watch and enjoy, as you can’t exactly cuddle it or take it for a walk! Nevertheless, they are soothing to observe and fascinating to keep. There’s one further class of animal that has recently become far more popular as a household pet: reptiles.

Reptiles such as tortoises have always been popular, and snakes are more so than you may believe. However, keeping a snake requires a lot of understanding and attention, so we’re looking at a reptile that is relatively easy to keep, affordable to buy and also attractive and interesting: the Chinese Water Dragon. Are they friendly? Not in the way your dog or cat will be, but they are not aggressive and will learn to be handled. Let’s have a look at what the Water Dragon is all about, and why you might enjoy one as a pet. 

Are Reptiles Good Pets?

We recommend you check out this comprehensive care guide to keeping Chinese Water Dragons as it is far more detailed than we have space for. So, do reptiles make good pets? That depends upon what you want from your pet. If you’re looking for a comforting companion, then the Chinese Water Dragon is not the pet that is going to give you that comfort. If, however, you want a fascinating, different and interesting animal then one of these attractive small green lizards may be a good choice.

In fact, seeing as these are social animals, we would recommend you buy a pair. The Chinese Water Dragon is not exclusive to China but is also found in Thailand, Cambodia and other East Asian countries. It is recognized by its long tail which can be used as a weapon and also for balance – this little lizard loves to climb and is amusing to watch doing so. However, when threatened it is more likely to hide than retaliate, which makes it an ideal lizard for children to get used to, and one that is very popular as a pet.

Are Chinese Water Dragons Safe to Keep? 

Keeping all reptiles as pets does require some level of care and attention. You will need a good-sized vivarium, for example, with the relevant heat lamps and basking lights. Your lizard will spend a lot of time simply lounging in the light which it needs to do to keep nourished. Safety is also an issue as all reptiles can carry bacteria that cause diseases. This is why you must thoroughly wash your hands or any parts of your body that have touched the lizard after every handling. 

Introduce your lizard to being handled a few minutes a time when it is young. Bear in mind that many have not been captive bred and may have been caught in the wild. Ensure you have a full understanding of what is required to keep your Water Dragon happy and healthy. The guide we linked to gives you a good idea of how to make sure you have the right set up for your dragon and what you need to do so.

Take your time reading up on keeping a Chinese Water Dragon as they are not for everyone, but if you do want to get into reptiles this amusing and friendly little lizard is an affordable and workable starting point for what is a fascinating hobby.

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