Do Female Cats Spray | Causes and Solutions

Do female cats spray! What are the causes and solutions. Lets discuss about it. Do you already have a female pet cat and are not sure as to why is she peeing outside the litter box or are you eyeing at buying one? It doesn’t matter whatever the case may be because what shakes you up at the moment is do female cats spray? right? Well, to put it simple, yes they do. Now what? Surprised? You don’t need to be as for female and male cats both spray for obvious reasons. Now what we’ll do here is first catch on those potential causes that may have prompted your cat to pee outside the litter box. Listen! It’s very important to know precisely why he is doing that for no cat sprays without a reason. You don’t know it doesn’t mean that there is no reason. There is always one. So if your vet says that it’s a normal behavior and few female cats often do that, he’s wrong. So don’t just give up here because we’re going to show you all the possible causes and their treatments in a doable manner. I’m 100% sure that at least one of these causes will be the stimulus for why your cat is spraying all over the place. What are we waiting for then, get down to business now!

Why Do Female Cats Spray – Top 5 Causes

  1. The most common of all causes is to gain the territory. Yes, a cat often marks his territory just to let others know this territory belongs to him. Likewise, female cats also do for the same reason. Thus, there is no question about do female cats spray? But the real question arises here is what obliges her to mark her territory? Well, simply because she senses danger and thinks as if someone is threatening her existence.
  2. Have you had significant changes in your house settings recently because it bothers your kitty at times and as a result, she pees in the vertical corners of your house.
  3. Is there a male cat nearby? If it is, then it’s probably causing her to pee in order to attract him for mating. This happens when your cat is not neutered and she tries to attract other non-neutered male cat.
  4. There may be a case of bladder problem with your cat. That’s why she is doing it.
  5. According to researchers, there can be number of environmental factors that may bring about such a problem but irritation and perhaps anxiety are vital factors. For instance:
  • You’re unable to give proper care to your kitty;
  • Altering the usual practices of a cat;
  • Shifting to a new home;
  • Maltreatment with her;
  • The introduction of a new person or sometimes new furniture into your house may also cause peeing problems. So do not ask yourself every so often now do female cats spray?
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Top 8 Doable Solutions For Do Female Cats Spray

Now let’s try to figure out what you can do to stop your feline from peeing outside the litter box? So do female cats spray is no longer a problem now because the issue is even worse and which is to determine the solution.

  1. Be an investigator and seek out for the possible enemy that is bullying your kitty. Is there any other cat you’ve got because at times the female cat will pee when there is some sort of change over in relationship among them? In the past, both cats might be living together happily but this affiliation is not forever. Therefore do not just force your cat but understand her pain. Now you don’t need to find the answer of do female cats spray.
  2. Just think like that what kind of home settings you’ve undergone recently in your home which compromises her feelings of security and as a result she feels threatened. You may not feel that way but I tell you what, it’s really bothering your kitty. You may try to figure this thing out by observing the precise spots in your home where your cat urinates. For instance, in case she pees right next to the window pane, it means there is probably some other cat out there. But keep it in mind during your probe that you must sterilize the dirty spot where your cat sprays. You can do this with the help of enzymatic cleaner (or vinegar mixed with water is also effective) so that your cat does not return to that very place. Cats have a very good sense of smell and if you do not clean the place properly, they are able to smell her urine quite easily and will come back.
  3. You may put food of your kitty in that very place where she sprays. In this way, she will not mark her territory at least not close to where she dines.
  4. If that doesn’t work, just take a plastic or an aluminum foil perhaps and cover that very spot where she sprays. So when the cat shows up, she will not be able smell her urine plus as she lands on it, the sound bothers her and so disrupts her from spraying.
  5. A cat repellent or the use of pepper at that spot may also work at times.
  6. You may also try out putting a plate of pine cones at the spraying location.
  7. As you witness your cat is just about starting to spray, simply spurt her with water but remember cat must not know the precise spot from where the water is gushing.
  8. Finally if none of the above methods comes off or if you feel that by employing any of the above methods the stress on your feline have rather increased, just stop it there. Do not carry on with your usual treatment if it further increases stress on your feline.

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I hope it answers to some extent about do female cats spray.

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