Do Killer Whales Eat People

You might be wondering do killer whales eat people. Well, the answer is No as there has been no evidence found in the past and at present regarding killer whales or orca eating human.

While you ask about the killer attack on humans, you must not forget that they are highly esteemed mammals in captivity which can be displayed in Aquaria theme parks where people enjoy the striking appearance of killer whales. On the positive side, there are few organizations that are against the behavior of keeping these whales in captivity.

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According to them, this has adverse impacts on whales’ life, their lifespan, their mating behavior, and finally their state of mind. Killer whales are known to travel more than 160 km/h (100 mph) per day which means they could not practice this much migration during their captivity.

Coming back to the question ‘do killer whales eat people?’, no, they don’t but recently there is an incident that took place at the World’s Shamu Stadium in Orlando in which the killer whale (name Tilikum) killed a 40-year-old Trainer. This incident took place in February 2010 and killer whale was a 12,300 lb male.

Do Killer Whales Eat People

According to scientists, killer whales are not regarded as a real threat to humans. These whales are widely known to behave friendly with humans who can be observed in aquarium parks including sea world. Nonetheless, there have been certain cases of killer whale trainers that were being attacked during the whale’s captivity and in those instances the whales get hold of trainer’s hair or dragged him down deep underwater, but they never attempted to kill or eat humans entirely or partially.

Despite these attempts, these instances are too rare to be noted and only a few number of incidents have been reported each year. The trainers that were being attacked only suffered from negligible bruises or cuts. There is no recent killer whales attack noted due to the introduction of new rules to restrict the trainer from direct contact with killer whales both during the live shows and at live shows.

Some scientists are not in favor of keeping killer whales in captive as they tend to become too much aggressive during captivity. These scientists hold the opinion that killer whales behave abnormally in captivity as they are separated apart from their family members and other killer whales. Besides, these mammals also undergo a great amount of threats in a strange surrounding. Killer whales are also very intelligent mammals.

While in group whales behave socially and hunt in a cooperative way. Certain biologists believe that killer whales are very much similar to the elephants and humans. They are concerned about why killer whales do not eat people and are trying to figure out precisely the whale’s desire to kill people. One of the foremost frequently put forward is that these whales do not find humans in a good taste. Moreover, humans are not similar with the type of killer whales food.

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  1. Janis Burt Kozak

    These magnificent creatures are being treated as best they possibly can. But is is about like one of us being treated under the best of circumstances while living out our lives in a closet away from human contact; isolated, lonely, frustrating, any very unfulfilling to say the least.


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