Dog Hair Brushing Tips You Need to Master

Dogs are usually very clean unlike other pets, they tend to take care of themselves in ways such as cleaning their skin and that of their puppies. This might just be the reason why we love them so much I mean they literally take care of themselves. Although this is the case, the dog still requires a lot of assistance in all senses including grooming. Washing Fido is one part and brushing him is another because they both need time and skills.

Dog Hair Brushing Tips

A lot of people prefer to take their dogs to professionals when it comes to brushing because they tend to think they do not have the skills. Not to worry, we will give you complete assistance regarding How to Become a Dog/Pet Groomer, also this article is going to give you all the dog hair brushing tips you need.. Although taking the dog to a professional is not a problem, in fact, it is highly encouraged, it is vital to consider brushing your dog’s hair every once in a while. It will save you the drive and also the bucks. Brushing your dog’s hair is part of grooming which will ensure your dog looks good as well as feeling good. There are brushing techniques that provide the blood flow to the skin of the dog is stimulated which will keep it active. One of these techniques is brushing the dog’s hair in a different direction that the fur is and brushing it back to position using an appropriate dog hair brush. This ensures the dog’s skin is well stimulated. These tips will guide you through your brushing session with Fido.

Picking Out The Right Brush

Dog Hair Brush

The key to successfully brushing your dog’s fur is choosing the right brush. What does this mean? Well, if you did not know, different dog’s hair types require different brushes. Otherwise, when you use the wrong brush with your dog’s hair, it will become all tangled up and very hard to comb which will be painful for your dog in the end.

Brushing Process


The key to a good grooming session is getting your dog to feel comfortable with you. Always aim to be in the right place with your dog before the brushing session. Give the dog a treat before the beginning of the session and have a conversation with him while brushing the hair.

Use a technique Suitable for Your Dog’s Hair

Among the most critical dog hair brushing tips, this is the most important. Having a regular schedule is a great idea because your dog will look good all the time. Start from the tail to the head. This method ensures your dog stays calm through the session because they cannot see what is happening. If your dog has short hair then brushing once a week or in two weeks is perfect and for long-haired dogs, brushing daily is highly recommended or twice a week at most.

Using Conditioner

Dog Hair Conditioning

Given that the hair might have some dead skin and tangles in between, using a conditioner is your best option. The conditioner will loosen the hair and make it easier for you to brush through it.

Gentle Brushing Strokes

When brushing your dog’s hair, it is suggested that you use firm but soft strokes. If you are using the right dog hair brush, start at the skin while brushing outside. Try brushing the hair closest to your dog’s skin in gentle strokes to avoid touching the skin.

Pay Attention to The Ears

Grooming is a wholesome activity, and you have to ensure every part of the dog is well groomed. But, particular parts require more attention than others such as the ears. Regular ear cleaning ensures that the dog is comfortable all the time and it will keep ear infections at bay. Trim your dog’s ear hair every once in a while and try keeping it short on most occasions. Use a baby wipe or cotton soaked in some ear solution and clean the inside of the dog’s ear. Do not use water in cleaning the inside of your dog’s ear as it might cause ear infections. Do not put any objects inside the ear such as Q-tips because they might cause ear injuries and in the long run dangerous ear infections.

The Feet

Taking the dog hair brushing tips into consideration, the feet require special attention. The hair on the feet has to be kept tidy at all times to help the dog avoid getting things stuck on its feet. Try keeping your dog’s hair as short as possible by trimming it using scissors. Be careful not to hurt the dog as it might try making some movements while you’re cutting the feet and paws.

Laying of Loose Hair

You could smooth the loose hair on the dog by using a soft brush which will also get rid of any remaining dead skin. The brush will straighten up long hair and if your dog has short hair cloth could come in really handy. Also, try using a hand-held vacuum but be careful not to scare off your dog with the noise.

Be Specific with Your Dog’s Grooming Needs

Dog Grooming

Different breeds of dogs have different needs. This means when it comes to grooming, you have to be careful and specific to the needs of your dog. What would work for a Chihuahua does not possibly work for Havanese dog. It is essential that you keep track of what exactly works for your dog and go with that every time.

Have a Regimen

After your first successful dog grooming, we suggest that you have a regimen in which you and your dog will adapt to. Having regimen ensure that when it comes to grooming, you cannot struggle with things such as which dog grooming tool to use because you already have everything in place before the grooming session. The regimen will also ensure that you take caution of every situation such as having a conducive environment for your dog before the grooming session starts.

These tips will give you an easy time brushing your dog, and they will ensure that you do everything right. Grooming is essential both for you and your dog because when it is clean, both of you benefits from it. The dog cannot get sick when clean and neither can you have problems with insects in your house. Try them out, and you will realize how remarkably you have reduced your visits to a professional groomer. You will also reduce the number of visits to the veterinary because your dog will stay in perfect health due to giving a close look all the time.

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