10 Trends that will shape your dog’s health in 2019

The leverage to which trends in 2019 remain significant is in the understanding that pets are very much humanized so much that they have become part of people’s families, instead of being mere pets or watch guards in the night. With this understanding, grab onto any of the following ten trends that will help you ape your dog’s health in the future:

Monitored nutrition

If you are among the few people that are concerned about eating habits, then you may have room to cater for your canine friend on those grounds in the future. People are becoming more open to the idea of introducing special diets to their dogs as they do their very lives.

Raw food diet

Other than subjecting pets to organic food and special diets, a new trend is kicking in of feeding dogs with raw food. The argument is that the raw food diets were used in the ancient days and so would yield far much better results today, given the scope of knowledge and the place of technology. Even so, consult a vet to ascertain that the homemade raw food diet is sufficient in the necessary nutrients needed for the healthy growth of your dog.

Cancer treatment for dogs

People have grown too attached to their dogs that the thought of losing them over some illnesses like cancer provoke the idea of expensive cancer treatment. As the cancer treatment technology for human being keeps advancing, so does the animal cancer treatment for chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and even immunotherapy.


Sometimes you may find that your dog is acting out in discomfort, only this time, it’s not about the dog blow dryers that is causing it. Ideally, dogs can go through a phase of pain and behavioural disorders that can be very uncomfortable to watch, leave alone deal with. Although it is a human treatment, in 2019 and the years to come, this solution will be too popular to be ignored. Already by now, Acupuncture has been used on several occasions to treat pets in regions like Tianjin in China.



Once again, technology has come to our rescue. Telemedicine is one of the biggest trends of the century, where you do not have to worry over the long queues at the vet station. Instead, fire up your smartphone or laptop, and key in your concerns, or even access virtual vet services.

tele medicine

Fitness Trackers

Most dogs require frequent exercise to remain fit and healthy, mainly breeds like corpulent calicos and pudgy poodles, which can suffer greatly from a lot of laziness, with conditions ranging from hypertension to diabetes and kidney diseases. Fortunately, fitness trackers have become quite the fuss in recent years, and their prominence is yet to increase in 2019. They allow you to track the activity of your dog, monitoring the rest time vis-à-vis the playtime.

Physical therapy

Dog today can enjoy the privilege of Physical therapy courtesy of their owners. People ha e gradually understood that even frequent exercise is not always enough for a stable health condition, more especially after a tragic incident that had a physical impact. Such cases have popularised the idea of dog physical therapy, which includes the use of wheeled walkers, heated swimming pools, among other techniques, to aid the dog in speedy physical recovery.

physical therapy


As for the uninjured dogs, you may have wondered what to do with them, but not anymore. Taking your dog for a spa date is no longer a weird phenomenon, given the high number of pet spas cropping by the day. Dog owners have embraced this trend as a way to pamper their canine friends, as well as increase their bonding time together, especially for busy pet owners.


In 2019, do not be hesitant to grabbing an antidepressant for your canine friend should the need arise. Even though dogs have different sources of stress and anxiety from those of human beings, they still respond well to common antidepressants like Prozac, and if that can relieve your pet of some discomfort, then it is worth the effort.

Medical marijuana

If at all your dog is losing appetite, struggling with peculiar aches and keeps whining day and night, it might be time to reach out for the medical marijuana. This, however, does not allow you to abuse its use, or even to overlook the underlying laws guiding the use of marijuana in your country or state.


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