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During a guinea pig life span, they become amazing friends, pleasing companions and can become a member of your family.  The animal which has been domesticated for over 5,000 years is really admired for its cuddly disposition in a world of pets. For the same reason the death and aging of guinea pigs can be painstaking at times especially for children who really feel a strong bond with it. However, it had to happen one day and one should be prepared for this all the time.

Guinea Pig Life Span

Depending entirely on species and the type of breed, the average life span of guinea pigs is 5 to 10 years. How long the guinea pig will survive also rely on the extent of care it receives from its true owner. Some other factors also play important role in the guinea pig life span such as the size of the cage and the amount of exercise they perform.

Male guinea pigs are known to survive longer in comparison to its female counterparts but some species can surprise you. One of the renowned guinea pigs lived for almost 11 years.

The aging of guinea pigs is quite similar to that of humans. They exercise less, sleep more, drink less, eat less, and become less excited then they used to about simple things. Guinea pigs can also undergo health-related issues with the aging including arthritis.

Certain vets will unwillingly treat an older guinea pig, since stressing them unreasonably can lead to early death. Therefore, you should have a consistent routine with your guinea pigs in their mature age as it was in their young years.

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Guinea Pigs

When a Guinea Pig’s Spouse Dies | Guinea Pig Life Span

Guinea pigs are known to develop strong bonds with each other while they’re in the same cage. This means that one guinea pig will seriously take the death of its counterpart dwelling in the same cage. For instance, if there are only two and one dies, the other one will feel extremely loneliness consequently leading it to premature death.

Bringing in a new guinea pig is always a wise decision, but you should give your pet a time to grieve the loss. Another way to compensate a loss is to bring your pet some toys and goodies that help him to forget his past.

As your guinea pig matures, give him more and more time so that he does not feel stressed. You should spend couple of hours with your pet and flight a little longer to stay in your arms.

In case your guinea pig is experiencing some serious issues such as hair loss, loss of an appetite, or difficulty in breathing, call your vet immediately.

Sometimes it so happens that your guinea pig is just too old, but there are certain things that you can do to make sure they’re content and relax in their last weeks or months.


  1. I LOVE guinea pigs! I recently had my guinea pig die, and it was only 2 years old. We are great pet owners, so why did my guinea pig die???

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