Is Pest Control Harmful To Pets?

We might think that solid walls and motion sensors can make our houses safe from intruders, and we might even be partially right. Ensuring that the burglars cannot get inside your house doesn’t require a lot of effort. Unfortunately, there is another type of intruder that might ignore your security system and claim your house as their own. We are obviously talking about pests. Flea or cockroaches don’t really care that some of them will be stepped on. They can survive in horrible conditions, and many scientists believe that they might pose an even bigger problem in the future. If you don’t react in a timely manner, you might need to contact a company that specializes in pest control. In a second, you’ll learn whether you should be worried that chemical substances used for pest control might harm your pets.

Curious creatures

If your house becomes infested with rodents, you will likely deal with the situation using rat poison. Most types of rat poison don’t kill the rodents instantly after consumption. Instead, the rats only die after repeated exposure. Unfortunately, if you have pets, then you probably know that both cats and dogs are curious creatures. It’s a similar situation as with the babies – if you tell a baby not to eat something, you can be 100% sure that in mere seconds after you turn away your eyes, they’ll put it into their mouths. In this regard, rats are smarter than cats or dogs. When a rat encounters a substance that might be consumed, he’ll eat a tiny portion of it first to see whether it’s not deadly. Dogs don’t exercise such self-control. Apart from directly coming into contact with the dangerous substance, dogs and cats can eat insects or small animals that have previously eaten the poison. As an effect, the signs of your pet being poisoned might not be apparent at first. Even if they don’t eat anything poisonous, they might touch it, and it might get absorbed through their skin.


Talk to the specialist

Okay, so if there is a possibility that your pets could be harmed by the chemicals used in pest control, then what is the solution? When you contact the pest control company – you can check out the 369bugs website, you should inform them about the fact that you have pets in your house. This way, if that’s possible, they will utilize the methods that won’t harm your small friends. It might be the case that a certain kind of pests can only be dealt with using chemical substances that are, unfortunately, also harmful to pets. You should limit access to rooms where your pets could consume or touch any poisonous substance. The pest control experts will certainly give you some tips on how to ensure that your pests are not harmed in any way during the process.

Beneficial not only to humans

Although you might think that by getting rid of the pest from your home, you’ll be depriving your pets of a source of food, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a case. Insects and rodents can carry various diseases that could be dangerous not only to humans, but also to the pets. Some of them (like ticks) can even feast on your pets. You aren’t the only that will benefit from pest control – your pets will lead a healthier life as well.

Natural methods?

If you are worried about your pets being harmed during pest control, you could also consider natural methods of dealing with pests and rodents. Although you might think that pests just appeared in your house without any particular reason, it is not true. In some ways, pests are just like us. They also want to eat and breed. If you are extremely generous, and pests in your house have easy access to food, then they are likely to stay there for longer and multiply.

Okay, so how to deal with this situation, should you eat food only in hiding so that the curious eyes of roaches wouldn’t spot any food? Not necessarily. It is enough if you keep all your food in airtight containers. Cockroaches can smell the food, but they can’t read. If they encounter a closed jar full of Nutella, they won’t realize what riches await them inside. Even if you make sure that cockroaches don’t have access to any of your food or even the crumbs, they won’t disappear overnight. Humans and cockroaches have different definitions of the word “edible”. Cockroaches prefer to eat sweets or meat, but if they don’t have access to those they won’t really mind eating hair or decaying matter. It means that if you, or your pets are losing hair, you might be inadvertently feeding the invaders. You should clean your house more often to ensure that cockroaches don’t have access to anything that could be eaten, no matter how reluctant you are to call your hair a food.

If you follow all those steps, then eventually, you will win this war of attrition. Although using natural methods might take significantly more time and might require a lot of patience, it might also be more satisfying to you. Cockroaches are cannibals, which means that before they disappear from your home, they’ll eat their fallen comrades.

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