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For most students, there is no secret that they are very likely to be enjoined from having “paws” in their dorms. Probably, your college will impose restrictions on pet types that are allowed on the premises, and thus teens may be allowed to share their living space only with fish, hamsters, and other small animals. If this is the case, then you can get a pet and share your college life with such a roomie easily if you know exactly what animal to choose and why. Professional writers from Pro-Papers have done a little research to come up with the list of the pets that usually fit in academia.


An aquarium with beautiful fish is a great choice for most dorms. Even though students probably are not allowed to have a big one, a small fishbowl decorated to your liking will fit into any living space.

Although a small aquarium may seem to be a trouble-free purchase from the first glance, it may become a sort of a problem if you equip it with noisy filters. However, if your roommate doesn’t mind listening to these drones while studying then here you go!

Consider purchasing an all-in-one aquarium that comes equipped with all the necessities such as a heater, filer, etc. Take note that having fish is not only about feeding them, as soon as you set up a fish tank on your desk, cleaning a filter and maintaining appropriate PH and nitrite levels of the water will be your morning routine. Don’t forget to replace the water regularly; otherwise, your fish will get lost in debris and waste materials pretty soon.

gold fish


Most colleges allow students to have snakes that can make great pets. Because of a length limit, teens cannot bring around long species; however, small and safe snakes such as corn, milk, and garter ones are good options to turn to indeed. These animals come in a huge diversity of colors and patterns and usually deliver few or no troubles. Students appreciate the fact that these pets require very little space as most dorms are usually crammed tight.

All snakes eat other animals such as mice and rats. For this very reason, it is important to have a place, where one can store pre-killed prey. A small fridge can do just great; however, far not all roommates would like having dead animals around their rooms. If you prefer live mice, then you could pick up a cheap mouse cage instead.

Some students feel like lizards and turtles make better pets for them than snakes, and this is for a reason. These reptiles are very fun to watch and have in hands. They usually don’t make much noise and mess. What most students like about these pets is that they eat mostly plants, and some of them can be safely left without care for a few days in a row. A tank with a lockable lid and sufficient lightning and heating are all they need to be in clover.


Those who don’t feel like living next to a “cold” friend often get hamsters, mice, and rats. Since the latter ones are cute, don’t require much space, and can be left alone for most of the day with ease, they make excellent college pets. Rodent owners admit that they like cuddling with their pets. Moreover, they tell how they teach their animals tricks. And it’s no joke; rats are very intelligent animals.

Along with all the pros, some cons should be mentioned as well. First of all, mice and hamsters do better in groups, and this is associated with a bigger cage and more mess and smell. Rodents can also make people suffer from allergies; therefore, allergic roommates can become an issue.  


Before you decide on getting a dog, a few things should be considered. While most of us like playing with furry friends, very few are willing to take them for late-night walks indeed. Except for airing a dog, one should care a lot about cleaning the mess his or her pet makes and visiting a vet regularly.

Having dogs in dorms is quite challenging as these animals don’t like being left alone. And even if they seem to be friendly and docile, they may get crazy and cause much damage to the college property. If this happens, an owner is the only person who is responsible for covering the bill.

Another thing to consider is noise. No roommates want to listen to continuous barking and whining especially when they are trying to concentrate on their study or simply want to get some rest after a school day.

Nevertheless, there is one big benefit of having a dog. This pet will be your go-to excuse no matter what. Let us say, when you don’t want to visit a boring party or don’t have money for hanging out with your friends, you can always say that your doggie needs you, that’s it. Moreover, dogs help people to make new friends. If you feel that getting a dog is your cup of tea, then choose from small breed doggies as your college may enjoin you from bringing around a big one.


When it comes to cats, they have fewer issues than dogs. For instance, you don’t have to walk them; moreover, they do much better than dogs when left alone as they sleep most of the time. When they get frustrated, they are likely to make less mess than dogs too.

If you decide on getting a cat, then make sure that neither you nor your roommate let him or her outside. Having your cat run away is a stress as the chances are that he or she will get hurt, contract fleas, and start marking the territory.

If you are not sure that you can take enough responsibility for your pet while going to college, then you should better abandon the idea of getting a pet; otherwise, you will have much trouble.

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