Best GPS Trackers That Will Definitely Find Your Dog

Taking care of your dog is much easier with GPS trackers that won’t let your friend get lost. Many of the modern solutions come with some additional functions that are helpful both for security and a pet’s health.

How to choose a GPS dog tracker?

It’s important to start with the size of your dog. For most medium and large breeds, any of the modern solutions will feel comfortable and will not bother your pet during the walks. The choice will be more challenging when speaking of small dogs because they will feel the weight and size of the collar more sensibly. If you have a Boston Terrier or a Dachshund, you will likely pay attention to small and lightweight collars or trackers. But note that small size often means the limitation in functionality. Therefore, consider the following characteristics when choosing a portable device for your best friend.

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Battery life

Check the dog GPS tracker for its battery performance. You’ll not want it run out two hours after you realized your dog is lost. Sometimes the ground search might take a few days, so make sure that the battery can serve at least 24 hours. This time might be sufficient to check the location and find your dog. Also, the right battery size means that even after the battery level decreases, it will be able to store enough power for the whole day.

Real-time tracking

It is an essential feature that allows seeing your pet on a map in real-time and therefore, defines the right direction to reach the dog. Unfortunately, some trackers do not provide such an option and can only determine the location in a particular moment. After such a check you will receive the coordinates detected some 5-15 minutes ago, so when you get there, you might lose your dog again.

The waterproof case

The waterproof case is another necessary feature. Even if you live in a desert area, no one can guarantee that there will be pouring rain when your dog suddenly disappears. In such a way, a waterproof option is always better than the regular one. You won’t have to worry when walking with your pet in the rain or extremely hot weather so that your Charlie finds nothing better than jumping into the nearest lake.

Subscription option

Don’t feel disappointed when you find that some GPS products come with a monthly fee. Usually, a subscription allows getting the best level of service.

Best GPS collars and trackers

Whistle 3 Pet tracker

Whistle 3 Pet tracker is believed to be the best GPS tracker available on the market. It provides accurate location data, is packed with a waterproof case and a battery that lasts up to seven days. The product is supported with a mobile application along with the email and text notifications. Note that Whistle 3 requires a monthly fee of $6.95 and works only inside the American AT&T network.

Mishiko GPS Collar

Mishiko is the right choice for medium and big dogs because it’s a little heavier than Whistle 3. However, Mishiko comes in a lightweight, yet the waterproof case has a rechargeable battery that takes 3 hours to charge, and an ability to set some fitness goals for your pet. The collar costs $62.61 and suggests a lifetime subscription for around $122.

Tractive GPS XL

Tractive GPS XL solution gives the best combination of reasonable price and extended functionality. The tracker costs $54.99, offers several subscription plans from $3.33/month. Its battery is rechargeable and lasts up to six weeks; the worldwide tracking is available in real-time, and all this packed in a waterproof case. The only disadvantage of Tractive is its weight (4 Oz) which makes the device unwearable for small dogs.

Findster Duo

For pet lovers who find subscription services bothering Findster Duo has the best offer. It costs $149.99 and works in all countries worldwide. Its battery lives from 12 hours to seven days depending on the mode you choose. Findster Duo covers the range of up to 3 miles in the open field, but in some dense areas, the range tends to decrease. It makes the tracker invalid for the remote tracking or when you stay indoors.

By 2019, these GPS trackers for dogs have demonstrated the best functionality keeping reasonable price and remaining comfortable for different dog sizes. They will prevent your pet from getting lost. Even if your dog is a world champion runner, you will find it, thanks to the precise location coordinates you receive.

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