Prepare for Puppies! 7 Clear Signs of Pregnancy in Dogs

Are you looking for signs of pregnancy in dogs?

Pet dogs are a great addition to any household. Getting a male dog means it’s more aware of your territory. This makes them great for home security, as it will alert you if anyone is in your property.

Female dogs are great companions for everyone in the house. They’re more affectionate than male dogs and they’re great with kids as studies find they stay up at night worrying after their owners. 

Another reason is that they can bear adorable puppies for your family if you have it mate with another dog. How can you tell if your dog became pregnant after getting stud, though? Keep reading below and find out how you can tell different pregnant dog symptoms.

1. Changed Food Preferences and Decreased Appetite

One of the first signs of dog pregnancy becomes clear with her food intake. At first, you may see she won’t go for the usual dog food you set out for her. Instead, she’ll look for more natural foods like the ones you eat.

This is because your dog will seek food that can nourish her and the puppies she will carry at the same time. She’ll be preferring food with the right nutrients that her body will need. Prepare a plan to feed her different foods to cover for her dietary needs later on.

That said, even with the changes in her food preferences, you’ll notice she won’t eat as much as she used to. This is a normal event, though it can mean she may experience a problem. Regardless, though, visit your vet to get advice on what to do.


2. Your Dog Becomes Tired Faster

One of the most obvious signs of pregnancy in dogs is that they’ll become less active. Most people become alarmed and take their dogs to the vet and getting word that there’s nothing wrong. For you to avoid this from happening to you, know this is a normal occurrence for pregnant dogs.

Dogs undergo a big energy drain when their bodies realize they must accommodate puppies soon. It’s only natural they’ll have less energy to spend around with her owners. Instead, she’ll prefer napping in a cool place for most of the day.

It’s also important you don’t disturb your dog during her resting periods. This may stress her out, leading to complications during her pregnancy.

3. She’ll Discharge Mucus

After about 1 month after mating with a male, your dog should give off a mucus discharge from her vagina. This is one of the early signs of dog pregnancy, but it’s hard to note.

The discharge is clear and sometimes goes out when she pees. Many people miss this and are still unsure whether their dog is pregnant. A great way to tell is to check her urine at least once a day.

You should notice a small clump if she discharged any mucus at all. Once you find a clump, your dog is pregnant.

4. Notable Changes in Her Behavior

To tell whether your dog is bearing puppies, pay attention to how she acts around you. A pregnant dog will often have a different attitude towards you even as an owner. It may start acting distant and may growl if you get close too fast.

Meanwhile, dogs who used to be distant may seek comfort from their owners. They’ll start becoming more affectionate and seek hugs from you in this case.

Other behavioral changes may also come in different ways. For example, she may become quieter. She may also stop minding noises coming from outside.

5. Your Dog Experiences Morning Sickness

Like humans, dogs also experience their own form of morning sickness. Your dog will start throwing up small puddles of white/yellowish substance now and then after around 3 or 4 weeks after meeting with her mate.

This only lasts for a few days so there shouldn’t be anything for you to worry about. You can take your dog to the vet though if you want to be sure it’s because of pregnancy she’s throwing up. Your vet may have some medication to help your dog with the vomiting.

If it persists, the best course of action is to clean up after her. Cleanliness is paramount around a pregnant dog.

6. Her Nipples Become Enlarged

Pregnant dogs will have noticeable changes on her nipples as time passes by. This happens because the dog’s mammary glands will undergo change so that your dog can lactate and supply her incoming puppies with milk.

This effect is more noticeable to dogs who are experiencing pregnancy for the first time. At first, it will appear their teats have changed in color. The nipples will turn dark red, signifying a great increase in blood flow in the area.

Also, the general shape of the nipple will change. The ends will become more rounded and protrude rather than stay flat. This is a sign that she’s getting ready to provide milk for her puppies.

7. She’ll Exhibit Nesting Behaviors

Soon after mating, you may notice your dog digs around the house. If she does this, it means she’s looking for a suitable nesting place when she gives birth.

Often, dogs will take blankets or even toilet rolls to provide soft bedding in her nest. Either leave her be or provide her with bedding material so she won’t go looting the house for whatever she can find.

These are different ways for you to tell whether your dog is pregnant. Telling whether she’s pregnant is one thing, but taking care of a pregnant dog is another. Learn how to take care of a pregnant dog here.

Keep an Eye Out for These Signs of Pregnancy in Dogs

Pregnancy isn’t a thing for dogs much like humans. It sometimes takes over one try to succeed.

Why stop with the signs of pregnancy in dogs? We have other guides to help you out. Don’t hesitate to explore our other tips and tricks today!

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