Top 5 Best Foods For Dogs

Dog lovers may want to share a variety of foods with their dogs. Some of them are healthier than others. Moreover, some foods can also be toxic to the animal. Just like humans, dogs also need food which is nutritious and friendly to eat. You should consider it well whether the food you are buying is healthy for the dog or not. You can get all this information easily at ForTheFurry, an online store for pets. Here the top 5 healthiest foods for dogs

1. Eggs:

The eggs are the biggest source of protein for humans as well as animals. Not only protein, but there are also an amino acid, antioxidants and different vitamins that can actually benefit the body

You can add eggs to the diet of the dog. For a large dog, one egg per is sufficient. If you have a puppy, try to add a half egg to his diet. Make sure that your dog does not eat the raw egg as it contains certain bacteria that can be harmful to the digestive system.

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2. Chicken:

Chicken is the best and most suitable snack for your dog. There are varieties of ways in which the chicken can be fed to the dog. The best way is to cook the chicken. It should be ensured that the bones of the chicken are removed from the meat since they can cause choking. If you want to serve the raw dog chicken, removing the bones is not necessary.

3. Yogurt:

Yogurt is curd milk, which is rich in protein and vitamins. The calcium can also be obtained from yogurt. Feeding the yogurt with a dog can be useful for it because there is a special kind of bacterium in the yogurt, which is very helpful for a dog in any type of digestive problem. Make sure there is no artificial sweetener or sugar added to the yogurt.

Use the dog bowl to serve the yogurt to the dog. You can get a variety of dog bowls from ForTheFurry. It is a modern pet store surviving the digital business wave and best for all those pet lovers who are always keen to buy different pet related accessories.

4. Carrots:

Carrots are rich in vitamin A and fibre and also very low in calorie. It can be no doubt, the best snack for your dog. You can give the raw carrot to the dog which he can chew. Chewing the carrot is very beneficial for the teeth of the dog. The low-calorie carrot is the best thing to eat for a dog if he is overweight.

5. Kelp:

Kelp is fraught with trace minerals, which are the reason it is recommended to dog owners to feed their dog with. Trace minerals are necessary for animals these days because the soil is losing the trace minerals. Kelp absorbs the minerals from the soil and is rich in minerals and vitamins 20 times more than any other vegetable or fruit.

It is very good for making the digestive system strong, improving the thyroid health of the dog and also the nervous system health

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