That’s how you can find a cute dog collar that will last for years

A cute dog collar is both a nice accessory and a vital thing for every dog owner. Collars help people train and walk their pets, getting them away from other animals and people around, and also keep them safe while crossing roads. While it’s way more important for a collar to be strong and lasting, it can also be visually pleasing and nice.

Modern pet stores present hundreds of options that are really good-looking and durable at the same time. Some designs are so attractive that it’s easy to forget about anything else, but you have to be smart and careful to pick the best from all cute dog collars available. A good collar will make you and your pet happy for many years!

Find the one that lasts

Many cute collars for dogs are made to look great, but that’s it – not each item can actually last long enough to be called durable or reliable. To pick the best collar, you need to look carefully at its material and details, the quality of stitches, glue, and cuts. Some mass-produced collars look sloppy: when you can clearly see glue, or stitches look damaged, then it’s not what you need.

Materials play a huge role. The most lasting cute dog collars are typically made of genuine leather, nylon, polyamide. For canines who love chewing, you can also find nylon-coated collars with steel inside: they won’t hurt your pet because they’re soft, but they won’t break as well. Nylon ribbon collars can also last a lot, because pulling force basically can’t damage them, but you always need to check hardware and parts where details are jointed first. If the construction seems reliable and strong, then it probably is, and most collars are tested anyway.

Hardware is typically made of steel or bronze, but you can also find hardware made of thick plastic. This construction is much lighter, and it doesn’t have any sharp sides, so it’s potentially safer for your dog. On the other hand, plastic is often less reliable than metal, and quick release plastic ones are also not as safe for the most active dogs, for obvious reasons. If your pet is hyperactive and fidgeting, then the chances it can somehow open this hardware are comparatively high, so this hardware is only recommended for small and relatively calm pets.

One of the basic features of each reliable and durable cute dog collar is its water-resistance. Some items are completely waterproof, others are just water-repellent. At some point, you’ll need to walk your dog while it’s raining, or your pet will run to play in the pool or swim, and its cute dog collar is better to stay in one piece. Also, you need to clean your pet’s collars from time to time, and it’s way easier to do when you know that you won’t accidentally destroy it.

Design and comfort

Cute dog collars can be vastly different, so everyone can find something they’ll love. From classic leather items to fashionable bow ties, you can choose whatever seems the sweetest to you at services like At the same time, you should remember that rhinestones can fall off quickly, and light fabric collars can also become dark and dirty quickly. Therefore, comparatively simple designs tend to stay pretty way longer.

Modern collars often have pendants, templates, spikes, and other decors. Your goal is to pick a pretty collar that has no elements that can potentially harm your pet, or cause any discomfort. If your pet is a puller, then consider buying a padded collar. These items have special soft pads on the inner side, so even the most active and unruly dog won’t harm ins neck. It’s also useful for pets with short hair and sensitive skin.

Finally – make sure that a collar you like is the right size! Too small ones are obviously dangerous and uncomfortable for canines, and too loose ones aren’t reliable enough. Your pet break free and get into troubles, so choose options that can change sizes, or measure your pet’s neck to find a perfect option in advance.

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