6 Tips on Parenting a Pet

How old were you when you welcomed home your first pet?

Some of us are born into a home filled with pets while others acquire them as we age. As children, the concept of having your own pet is exciting; however, to actually take care of that pet properly, feed it and clean up after can be difficult.

Although pets can bring us additional joy to our lives, like children, they take a lot of patience, work and cannot be left alone for an extended period of time. If you live a busy lifestyle, it may be hard to balance all your normal responsibilities plus having a pet. Below are 6 tips to help you balance having a pet.

Training Your Pet is Priority

If you have an iguana or a bird, obviously this does not apply to you. So for all of the dog owners, it will be a benefit to train your dog on specific dog training commands, cues, actions, or behaviors. No one wants to come home and their living room has dog urine and feces all over it.

Basic Needs 101

Whether you have fish, a guinea pig, a dog or a cat each pet has basic needs that need to be met. Learn what your pet’s basic needs are. If you have fish, how often do you need to change the tank or if you have a dog, how often do they need to be groomed? Knowing these facts will make your transition into pet owning smoother.

Schedule Bonding Time

Even if it is for only 15 minutes per day, set some time aside for quality time with your pet. If you have a turtle take him out of his tank to let him get some direct sunlight or play with string to entertain your cat.


Please note that if you have a dog, then they need exercise just like you. The most time efficient thing would be to combine both of your exercise needs into a routine together. You can start by simply taking your dog on a walk for a few minutes a day. Or, you can go full on by starting a running or cycling routine where your dog can simply run next to you. These daily exercise workouts will benefit both you and your dog.

Hire a Pet Sitter

If you have a busy schedule, a pet sitter may be an option for you. By having a pet sitter you have the flexibility to adhere to your schedule with the comforts of knowing your pet is taken care of. If you are a frequent traveler for work, consider a pet hotel when traveling for an extended period of time.

Invest in Pet Products

Whether it is a dog camera with a treat dispenser, a cat hammock, or a misting leash, invest in pet products that can help make things more convenient for you and comfortable for your pet.

Owning a pet is a major responsibility so parenting a pet is a major life decision that should not be taken lightly. To make sure you are up for the task, take the time to create a pro and con list so that you can outweigh the benefits of becoming a pet parent. Once you have made the commitment to have a pet, take the time to incorporate your pet into your routine. Ultimately, becoming a parent of a pet is a choice that can bring happiness and joy to all of those in the home.

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