A Detailed Beginner’s Guide For Taking Care of Your Pet Dog

Are you a dog lover? If yes, I am sure you would do anything for your little furry friend. Pets are part and parcel of our families and therefore should be cared for and given the best care they can get. Most people choose to keep a dog without being aware of the kind of attention their pets might need. Some assume that they are okay just because they can’t communicate directly; oh wait, they actually do communicate. You just need to be extra keen to understand what your pet needs.

What Your Pet Dog Needs


Are you thinking of adopting a dog? First and foremost, it is important to consider the breed you adopt as most breeds have different needs. Consider your needs and the kind of family setting that you have. For instance, if you are looking to acquire a therapy dog, you could consider adopting a golden retriever as they are calm and comfortable being touched. In short, understand your pet and its needs.

Proper Home

As you are considering adding a pet dog to your family, have you considered the kind of environment in which you live? If you are leasing, consult your property manager to determine if pets are allowed in your building.

A dog needs space to move around, run and play. This is not to say that you cannot adopt a furry friend if you live in a small space; just make sure to create as much space as you can for them. Also, make sure you dog-proof your house as you would safety proof for your kids. Pets can be destructive and are also prone to major accidents in the home.


This may seem like a simple task for many, but it actually requires a lot of knowledge, and you might struggle if you are a beginner. There are so many factors to consider while deciding the kind of food you give your dog, their age being the major factor.

Puppies require premium quality food to aid in their growth and development. They also need more frequent feedings as compared to adult dogs. Once your furry friend hits its first birthday, you can switch to one meal a day. However, it is not mandatory to keep to this schedule. If you feel like they might need an extra meal, you can go ahead and provide it for them.

Avoid giving your pets human food as this may result in mineral and vitamin deficiencies. Dog food manufacturers ensure they provide your dog with the nutrients they need for healthy growth. When shopping for dog food, ensure you read the instructions on the pet food packaging materials.

Medicine and Supplements

Just like human beings, dogs also get sick. Avoid giving your pet over-the-counter medication. We have veterinarians who have specialized in treating your pets for you. When your god shows any signs of being unwell, ensure you contact a vet immediately.

However, to prevent frequent illnesses, you can provide your dog with different kinds of supplements to boost their nutrient intake, especially for those who are poor eaters. Your veterinary doctor will advise you on the best nutrients, and you will find more information on the packages by a supplement packaging manufacturer.

Frequent Grooming

Our pets are unable to do some things for themselves, and this includes grooming. They might clean themselves every now and then with their tongues but ensure you give your dog a proper grooming session at least three times a week.

They grow a lot of hair, and sometimes it gets uncomfortable for them. If you feel you are not well equipped to groom your dog, you can seek the services of dog groomers around your city to assist you. This will be helpful for your dog’s hygiene and that of your house.


Exercise for a dog can be achieved by walking your dog, playing with them in the backyard, or taking them to the park to play with other dogs. Swimming is also a major form of exercise for dogs who love water. Do not put your dog in the water if they are afraid of it, as you may end up traumatizing them.

When it comes to exercise routines, make sure you keep to a schedule and try as much as possible not to disappoint your pet. They become accustomed to some of these routines, and skipping can make them very sad. A walk can be a very good bonding time for you and your pet. Include your dog in your personal workout routine to make it more fun.

Toys and Treats

Your dog will get bored at some point in their day. Provide pet toys to entertain themselves. Pet store owners have the best knowledge about pets and make it a point to source the best toys for your pets. Some of the best dog toys include squeaky toys, rubber rings, and balls.

Giving your dog traits when they are good strengthens the bond between you and encourages good behavior for your pet. Train them and ensure you reward them when they achieve the different goals you set.


Before taking on the massive responsibility of being a dog parent, make sure you are ready and well equipped for the task ahead. Ensure you are in the right mindset to keep up with the various needs, including emotional and physical needs. Also, consider adopting abandoned dogs in order to provide them with the home they desire so much. Talk to other dog owners to understand your pet more. Provide them with the love and care that they need and protect them from any form of harm as they would do the same for you.

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