Best Ways to Identify the Top Dog Pools

What Is a Dog Pool?

A dog pool is a custom-made swimming pool for dogs and one that is necessary for any pet owner to have. The puddle for dogs allows your pet to chill out when the weather is very hot or when it needs to exercise. It is the thing that you definitely must have.

Who Needs a Pond for Poochies?

Humans enjoy going to the pool to chill out when the weather is not friendly. It is the same with dogs as well. An animal who is experiencing a lot of discomfort and dehydration due to heat needs a dog swimming puddle.

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A dog that drools a lot needs to use a swimming pool for doggies often because it will help it clean out both dry spit, wet spit, and guck. Also, if you have very hairy dogs, you will agree that they shed a lot of hair, and you have to keep sweeping the floor whenever they move around. Doggie pools can help to get rid of the excess hair. It washes it off its body when a pet is swimming so that when its body is dry, it will molt less.

Did you know that swimming is a form of exercise for dogs? To help your pets work out their bones and muscles, swimming is one of the best forms.

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Why Must a Doggie Have a Designated Pool

Dogs swim in ordinary pools. However, it is not advisable due to the following concerns.

First, it has to do with hygiene. Dogs pee in the water, and you can imagine that getting in your mouth. While we swim, water enters various parts of our bodies, like our eyes, mouth, etc. If you have kids, you do not want a dog’s pee, spit, hair, or a dog’s body bacteria getting into your mouth or your child’s mouth. If it is a kiddie swimming tub, it is unhealthy.

Another reason is that most of the usual pools in our houses are too weak for a dog to use. Imagine a 150 pounds dog in an inflatable pool with you — his or her claws can deflate it. A plastic dog pool is built to be sturdier and more durable than a usual pool so that it can last well for your pet.

Swim Bath Types for Dogs

It is agreed that all swimming tubs for dogs should be sturdy, but did you know that dog pools have different variants? See what other kinds of ponds are available.

·         Dog Swimming Pool

This pool is for usual dogs that just want to get wet for a while and get out of the pool. Most dogs that are feeling hot would like this pool. It is a pool that is ideal for big dogs because it is wide and deep. You can set it up when you need it and drain water from the drain plug available on the pool.

·         Dog Inflated Swimming Tub

Are you wondering how a dog can use an inflatable dog pool? Well, this kind exists, and it is the cheapest type available currently. It is not made with plastic used to make inflated human pools or simple plastic dog pools. It is made with the same PVC materials that have been used to make the bigger ones. It is not to say that it is not indestructible, but it will be very hard for a dog’s nail to claw through it. Even if it does, it can be easily repaired.

Factors to Put into Consideration before Buying a Pet Pool

There are certain things that a pet owner should put into consideration before purchasing a pool for his/her furry friend. For instance, the kind of pool that a labrador needs is different from the type that a chihuahua needs. The list below explains the factors to consider.

·         Storage Space

Doggy pools are used mostly during the summer season, and even in this season, it is not used every day. Therefore, you need to create a storage space for it. Thankfully, most pools for pets are easy to deflate so that you can store it easily. Keep it away from dust and excess sunlight to avoid quick wear and tear. A lot of poochie pools come with storage bags for proper pool coverage, but if yours does not come with it, you can purchase a large bag to store your pet pool.

·         Durability

All dogs need a strong, thick pool due to becoming rough when they are getting excited in water (for the water-loving dogs). A less sturdy canine pool can be used by smaller dogs like Chihuahuas, Lhasa dogs, etc. and it may not necessarily have to be very durable. The ones for bigger dogs like Pitbull, German Shepherd, Retriever, etc. need to be very thick to avoid quick spoilage as they tend to jump and scratch when they are in the pool.

·         Pool for Dog Size

Pooch pools come in different shapes, sizes, variants, sturdiness, etc., and you must know your dog well to purchase the one that is comfortable and will stand the test of time. You can get a small dog pool for your miniature dogs and a large one for way bigger dogs. Luckily though, when you walk into any pet shop to purchase a pool for your dog, they already have a chart that will guide you on choosing the right pool size.

Overall Thoughts on Pool for Dog

Now, you know what a dog pool is, why your dog needs such pool, the things to look out for before deciding on it, and some of the different kinds of the canine pool. You can now boldly walk into any pet shop to purchase a pool for your friend after putting all that has been explained into careful considerations. Have you purchased a pool for your hound before? Did it serve you as well as it should?

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