Probiotics For Dogs Explained

Probiotics refer to symbiotic or good microbes such as bacteria and yeast that help in digestion, boosts the immune system and fights micro-organism that causes diseases. Most of these bacteria and yeast are found around the gastrointestinal system. The microbes in the body can either be harmful or useful. Probiotics for dogs are commonly prescribed for digestive issues and to boost the immune system.

When these microbes are tampered with can lead to health problems such as stomach upset. For example, if your dog experiences regular diarrhea or it gets sick, often the veteran can advise on the best method to use to boost the good bacteria in their body.

Probiotics For Dogs

Probiotics are also referred to as direct-fed-microbial by Association of American feed control officials; this is one of the bodies that regulate pet foods.

Probiotics nutrients that boost the friendly bacteria can be obtained in products such as yogurt(kefir), Purina pro plan fortiflora powders, dog foods, chews, and capsules.

When purchasing and taking care of probiotics products, you should always consider the following:

Do not expose the product to air, extreme temperatures and moisture to protect the product from losing viability. That is why most of the products are sold in individual packets.

The temperature conditions when you are buying the probiotic product, it is not advisable to do the purchasing when the temperatures are at 110 degrees.

Check the package label of the product such as strain identification, since each product contains different bacteria strains. Some bacteria strain maybe for immunity stimulation or an anti-inflammatory.

Check the expiration date on the product package.

The probiotics are used for restoring the gastrointestinal system microbial balance, and it is often prescribed.

Merck veterinary manual reveals that when a dog is sick, it means that there is a bacterial imbalance between beneficial microbes and disease-causing microbes. The bacterial imbalance can lead to bad breath, cramping, and diarrhea.

Many shelter dogs suffer from diarrhea due to stress that leads to colitis; therefore, it is advisable to give these dogs probiotics to clear diarrhea.

An abrupt change in the dog’s diet may lead to a digestive disorder, and this may lead to diarrhea since the dogs are not used to the new food.

When your dog is prone to diarrhea it is often due to stressful situations; one may consider administering probiotics to the healthy dog.

In conclusion, several studies reveal that probiotics offer health benefits to either animals or humans. Therefore, it is advisable to provide probiotics to growing dogs to enhance their immune systems.

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