What does a Brown Recluse Look Like?

Brown recluse spiders are not really difficult to identify especially if you got some idea about its features and characteristics. These spiders are native to the United States. While many U.S. spiders have eight eyes usually arranged in a pattern of 2 rows (4 each), brown recluse are typically characterized by their six eyes arranged in pairs.

What does a Brown Recluse Look Like?

Scientists have identified 13 brown recluse species out of which 11 are residents of America. All these species share the same pattern of eyes. Contrary to other researches, brown recluse does not seem to have violin pattern on the cephalothorax. Cephalothorax is a body part to which spider’s legs are attached. As it turns out, this is by no means a notable feature of brown recluse. Nonetheless, it is fairly consistent in adult recluses.

brown recluse

Moreover, brown recluses have colorless abdomens while their legs are almost entirely hairless except for some fine hairs. They are typically known for their venomous bites which is why it is necessary to identify them if you come across one. Many brown recluses are light to medium brown in color but some species do have dark brown or blackish color.

The dorsal side of cephalothorax does not have any black stripes; so is the case with abdomen. Spiders having markings on the dorsal surface ceases to be a brown recluse.

United States is home to many spiders that are characterized by their dark markings on their cephalothorax are often misunderstood as brown recluse violin markings. Long-legged cellar spider is one such spider.

Spitting spiders (Family Scytodidae) are generally mistaken as brown recluses probably due to the fact they also got the same number of eyes. But spitting spiders are non-venomous


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