When you own a dog as your pet, you keep him as your family member. You don’t want anything bad happening with him. About 10% to 40% of dogs catch anxiety for no reasons. When they catch anxiety, there overall behavior change. There are many ways to treat dogs in such situations but the best way to treat the dog is through CBD oil or hemp oil. Hemp dog treats the dogs when it becomes anxious. CBD oil is made out of hemp flower or you can say CBD Flower.. In this article, we will give you some details of dog’s anxiety and how it can be treated with CBD oil.


CBD oil is a natural way to treat your anxious dog. There is no medical evidence that this oil helps but still it is used by many individuals to treat their dog. CBD is the abbreviation for Cannabidiol. CBD oil is made of hemp. And best CBD oil is that one which is made of organically grown hemp. It is advised that give some dosage of CBD oil to your dog when you notice some symptoms of anxiety and stress in your dog.


Dogs become anxious due to many reasons. Some reasons are known but some are still unknown. It is highly possible that your dog becomes anxious for no reason. It is often seen that dogs become anxious when they see a thunderstorm. They also get anxious when they meet new people. The most common anxiety amongst dog is the separation anxiety. The separation anxiety occurs when the attachment figure of the dog, leaves the dog. For a dog, it is very difficult to live without attachment figure and for that reason the dog becomes anxious. Some symptoms of dog’s anxiety are:

1. Scratching
2. Panting
3. Pacing
4. Trembling
5. Aggression
6. Urinating
7. Nervousness
8. Loss of appetite


Well, CBD oil can help you out in many other ways too. CBD oil can also be used by humans. It is a very good supplement for your immune system. It helps your immune system to boost in a very fast pace. As the CBD oil helps to modulate your immune system, it stops many diseases to occur in your body. The diseases that can be prevented through CBD oil are:

1. Joint pain
2. Neuropathic disorders
3. Blood problems
4. Diabetes


Hence, it is the common confusion among the masses that CBD oil and hemp oil is same but the reality is they are not. In this section we will explain these two oils briefly to explain the difference between the two.


Hemp oil is extracted from cannabis seeds. It is possible that hemp contains CBD or not. But it is not dependent upon CBD. Hemp oil has separate nutritional benefits. It is used by many dog owners to treat their dogs from certain disorders.


On the other hand, CBD oil is produced from flower, leaves and cannabis plants. It is cannabinoid compound. CBD oil is perfect for anxiety and stress in dogs. When your dog becomes anxious, we recommend you to give him some dosage of CBD oil and he will get treated in less time than expected.


CBD oil is widely used by dog owners to treat their dogs against anxiety. But the fact is that this oil has not been scientifically proven yet. A well known veterinarian, Dr. Adam Christman has claimed that we don’t have any medical prove that how much this oil is safe for dogs. He also said that despite of this oil’s uncertainty, it proves to be very good against anxiety and stress in dogs. He also agreed that there is a complete gray area in the research of CBD oil but he assured that soon there will be some research to find out more about this magical oil.


There is a lot talk about why CBD oil is legal in USA. The thing is that, hemp and CBD are not completely cannabis but they both contain some amount of it. The THC level of good CBD oil is less than 0.3% which is completely legal in all states of US. The product which has THC level more than 0.3% is illegal in some states.


CBD oil can be harmful for your dog in some ways. If some measurements are taken before giving the first dosage, then this harm can be reduced. Hence, consider these points before giving a dosage to your dog.

1. Before giving CBD oil to your dog, consult a veterinarian. Ask him/her about the possible side effects of CBD oil.
2. At first, give only a small dosage of about 0.25mg of CBD oil to your dog. Mix this amount of oil is dog’s supper. When nothing happens, increase the dosage in the next day.
3. Try to get the high quality of CBD oil. Low quality of CBD oil will be very harmful for your dog.
4. Check how the CBD oil is processed, if it is not processed in a well manner, then don’t buy it. If the CBD oil is not processed in a standard way, it becomes poison for your dog. A lot of toxic substances grow in it.


With a considerable amount of dosage, CBD oil can definitely calm your dog. It gives your dog relaxation and comfort. The anxiety goes away like there was no anxiety in the first place. Read this complete article to make sure that you are giving a good quality and a right amount of CBD oil to prevent your dog from getting anxious. If you are still not sure enough then we recommend you to ask veterinarian, he will help you in this matter and it is possible that he will also give the suggestion of CBD oil dosage.

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