Do Guinea Pigs Bite | 6 Reasons Why Your Guinea Pigs Are Biting

Do guinea pigs bite? They do so in special circumstances. Like other rodents, guinea pigs often contribute towards social grooming and they frequently self-groom. When in groups, they often chew other’s hair which is a sign of establishing hierarchy within the group instead of a social gesture. They also bite one another in order to ensure their dominance over the other. They have not keen eyesight and they can see things in partial color but they do have well-developed hearing sense, smell, and touch. The primarily means of communication between members is vocalization.

Do Guinea Pigs Bite

Guinea pigs seldom bite their owners. They are known to nibble around with a slight bite so as to communicate something they want to say and this is particularly true in case of young guinea pigs which they often do in their learning phase. One of the prime reasons why your guinea pig is biting is that it might be frightened or feeling uncomfortable or perhaps held incorrectly. When you held them for a while they might want your attention while nibbling your clothes which is the most frequent way of communicating. This behavior is perceived when the pigs require toilet or they just want you to put them back into their cage.

There are some guinea pigs that are known to bite accidentally while you’re feeding them. Chances are that they might nip your finger in anticipation of getting a tasty treat. Guinea pigs can also bite due to the skin problems such as mites. These animals can bite when they’re undergoing mites skin problem since they feel discomfort when someone hold or even touch them and they’ll do anything to get rid of your hands. While they are left alone, guinea pigs are more likely to undergo depression or stress.

do guinea pigs bite hard | Guinea Pig
Guinea Pig

Reasons Why Guinea Pigs Bite | Do Guinea Pigs Bite Hard

Reckless Handling

Guinea pigs are often involved in biting when they feel they’re being mishandled. These pigs want to feel secure and comfortable. Guinea pigs won’t allow you to carry them while you’re walking around the house or moving downstairs. They might let you know when the pig’s feet are hanging in mid-air.

Noise Pollution | Do Guinea Pigs Bite

Guinea pigs can bite when there is too much noise such as the noise of loud TV, thunderstorm, and vacuum cleaner. Besides, if they feel frightened in your hands they might convince you to put them back to their cage.

Skin Disease | Mites

Mites is a skin disease that makes guinea pig a touch sensitive to anything that contacts it. It’s a kind of ill condition or parasite that can cause a severe pain to these pigs. If you attempt to touch them in during this state, they might nip your finger as they feel discomfort when someone does that.

They May Have to Urinate | Do Guinea Pigs Bite

Guinea pigs do not feel comfortable in urinating while you hold them in your arms. They might persuade you to put them back into the cage for littering. In case you won’t notice their needs they might let you know with a stronger nibble.

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