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How about reading all these hermit crab facts for kids including hermit crab habitat, diet, and behavior. Hermit crabs are highly mobile decapod crustaceans that are distinguished by their practice of occupying used gastropod shells. These crabs are known to exist in the intertidal, estuarine, and marine ecosystems. Hermit crabs are closely associated with the shell habitat web. These crabs display antennae that are positioned virtually next to the eyes. Hermit crabs are quite common in tidepols. They tend to move too fast.

Interesting Hermit Crab Facts For Kids

Hermit crabs are often involved in the interaction with shell trading. The crabs grabs each other’s shells and carries out several behaviors including shell rocking, shell rapping, and shell probing. This kind of crab’s behavior allows them to judge precisely the size and quality of each other’s shell.

Hermit crabs spend most of their time while looking for the perfect shell. They often kill snails but not for their shells. Hermit crabs are actually omnivorous and they feed on microscopic scraped off surfaces. There are certain hermit crabs that attracted by the blood of other hermit crabs which are being eaten.

During the breeding season hermit crabs begins to march towards the same shell. The breeding males often get aggressive over mating females. Mating is a compound ritual for crabs.

The hermit crabs are known to interact with each other in the wild. Since crabs are regularly attracted to the common food and shelter, they are repeatedly found together. The crab’s behavior is such that when they seen other crabs feeding they rush towards it to join the others.

During night, hermit crabs are often found in large gatherings near ocean shore. They are also known to climb over each other instead of walking around by them.

Many hermit crabs are adapted to live in empty snail shells and are considered to be mobile. There are several crabs that tuck their abdomens into shelters that is unable to wander around.

hermit crab facts Where Do Hermit Crabs Live | Hermit Crab Facts For Kids

Hermit crabs inhabit all throughout the polar regions to the tropical waters. They are known to reside in the deep ocean canyons together with the ocean shores, and several miles off the sea. Of all the 6,000 crab species, around 800 of them are hermit crabs. Only 12 species are considered to be semi-terrestrial while the rest are entirely marine. Hermit crabs are adaptable for numerous distinctive habitats including protective snail shell that operates as a mobile home. These crabs are, however, prone to hot tropical sun as it can dehydrate them. For the same reason, hermit crabs become active at night so as to avoid evaporative water loss. Hermit crabs spend the entire day while hiding in the shallow burrows, branches, tree roots, underneath rocks, leaves, and abandoned branches. However, when it is very humid or has just rained, crabs rarely wander around during the day.

Fast Hermit Crab Facts For Kids

Kingdom        Animalia

Phylum         Arthropoda

Subphylum    Mandibulata

Class           Crustacea

Order           Decapoda

Family          Coenobitidae

Genus          Coenobita

Species        Clypeatus

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