How Do Pet Psychics Work?

Any pet owner will tell you their beloved animal is like a member of the family. However, while you can ask a child or spouse how they are feeling, your dog or cat cannot express their emotions. You’re probably not alone if you’ve wondered what your pet is thinking. That’s where pet psychics (sometimes called animal communicators) can help, giving you deeper insight into an animal companion.

While many animal behaviors can be explained by instinct, a pet psychic would argue there is a telepathic emotional link transmitted by your pet. This is why many people recommend a pet psychic for deceased pets to help owners to understand the sad loss.

Pet psychics believe animal actions can be explained through their emotions and thoughts, not through actions. In other words, you and your pets have a constant telepathic link and the animal reacts to you based on that link. 

Of course, you will never know what your pet is thinking, but a psychic says they can use their mind to communicate with animals. While psychics claim they can talk to all animals, most of them focus their skills on pets. In this role, a pet psychic talks to an animal owner (human companion) and then passes messages between them and a pet. In many cases, the psychic does not need the animal to be present, which is why they are popular for owners who have a deceased pet.

Why should I use a pet psychic

Why should I use a pet psychic?

In most cases, human companions are just interested in understanding what their pet is thinking. However, in some situations there is a specific role the pet psychic will fulfil:

  • A pet has been lost and a psychic is needed to help find out where the animal is or to help the pet return home.
  • The pet is not behaving properly, and the owner wants a psychic to find the cause and potentially correct it.
  • A pet has passed away and the owner wants to communicate with the spirit of the animal. It is worth noting not all psychics are mediums.

Are pet psychics real?

One of the main points of controversy surrounding pet psychics is whether they are legitimate. There is no clear way of proving if telepathic communication is possible and there is little scientific evidence to support it. That’s why animal psychic communication is considered a paranormal phenomenon that combines clairvoyance with telepathy.

Pet psychics say they can use these skills to tap into electromagnetic energy that exists everywhere. This energy is scientifically believed to exist but has never been detected and whether it can be used as a communication vessel is conjecture. Psychics claim they can access this invisible plane to communicate with spirits, including those of animals.

What do pet psychics do?

Most pet psychics say their gifts are natural and they usually discovered their ability to tap into the electromagnetic energy plane during young life. Usually, a closeness to animals during childhood triggers psychic abilities in some people, while others actively explore the field.

While the path to being able to talk to animals differs, the methodology for connecting with a pet is fairly universal. Here’s how a pet psychic works:

  1. The psychic will try to relax and make their mind as calm as possible.
  2. During the process, the psychic wants to connect with the animal’s electromagnetic energy.
  3. This includes visualizing the animal and usually calling its name to gain its attention.
  4. Psychics ask animals questions (sometimes using images as a visual stimulus).
  5. The psychic will await a response. Most people in the field say responses are not always spoken but sometimes arrive as visual imagery. 
  6. When a response is received, the psychic confirms.
  7. Answers to questions are passed on to the owner and more questions can then be asked. Alternatively, the psychic can pass messages from the owner to the pet. For example, in cases where behavioral problems are the reason for using a pet psychic.

Do pet psychics understand animal emotions?

Some people argue animals’ function purely on instinct. Sure, it’s hard to look into a dog’s loving eyes and believe that this is true. Pet psychics claim to be able to tap directly into an animal’s emotions and know how they are feeling.

For example, psychics have argued animals are actually emotionally complex and often have feelings on the same level as humans. They may express those feelings in different ways, but they are there. Pet psychics say when they connect with an animal, they can access memories from long ago, suggesting the animal can remember many things from the past.

Furthermore, psychics claim animals have self-awareness and experience things in the same way we do.

Interestingly, the idea of emotions in animals is not far fetched to the average pet owner. We have all seen behavior that suggests our pets have emotions. This could be as typical as a dog crying when you leave the house or a cat that seems to cuddle you more when you feel sad.

Even the scientific community disagrees on animal emotions because defining if something has feelings is not easy. Psychics say they fill in the gap that prevents animals from expressing themselves to humans.

While there is no conclusive research, it seems that mammals are capable of basic emotional states, such as:

  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Lust
  • Distress
  • Joy


As you can see, there is a lot of contradictions when considering pet psychics. Without any evidence based in fact, it is easy to dismiss psychics and avoid them. However, there is no doubt that pet psychics have brought peace to countless pet owners. Whether you want to use a pet psychic really depends on your own beliefs and needs.

This article is in no way trying to debunk or support the idea of pet psychics. Some pet owners value the help of a psychic while others dismiss the activity as pointless. Again, it is worth noting there is no scientific proof of electromagnetic energy or sensory capabilities of humans to connect in such a way.

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