How to Avoid Bats Near Your House?

With the ongoing health crisis in the world, bats are a considered as responsible for all of this But even before the Covid-19 pandemic, bats were not the most liked creatures there are and people actually tried their best to escape the place where bats would be since they have a tendency of sticking to your face and also cause rabies. Having bats around your house can be quite a challenge as they can actually have a way of coming into your house through open doors or cracks etc. Here are a few ways in which you can avoid having bats around your houses or worse from your home.

Use a bat repellent
Just like a mosquito repellent, using a bat repellent can keep bats away of your house. You should spray it in your garden as well as close to places from where the bats can seek a way in. Repellents will provide the bats smells which they are not a fond of and dislike and the bats will stay away from a place with smells they’re quite not a fan of.

Keep food away from gardens
Mostly animals even cats etc. are attracted to a place if they see food or something to eat. Many of us throw extra food away close to our homes and that is where bats come close to our houses from. So, it is better to not throw food in gardens or even throw it close to our gardens because invariably they will come in close proximity to our houses.

Filling any holes or cracks
how bats get in your house is the real question. Bats usually stay in dark places or shelters get into the house through any such places unlike doors which are big holes or wide cracks. This is one of the reasons why bats are usually found in chimneys because they can easily sneak in. Hence, it is really important that you cover or fill any such open, dark places through which they have a chance of entering your house.

Create a disturbance for the bats
Bats naturally apt for dark and cold places to stay at. Inside of your house, if you install source of bright lights and change the temperatures, bats would not come into your houses. You can also install mirrors in your chimneys which will reflect light and keep the bats from living up in there and hence, from entering your place. Such alterations in conditions which are suitable to the bats like turning thermostat from cold to house or installing lights to keep the light in our house more bright will keep them away from your house and they would be less inclined towards entering your house and you’ll be at a safe place.

Most importantly, you need to keep the surroundings of your house neat and clean. Not only bats but most of the pests and insects are attracted to a place which is rather dirty and not clean because they’re likely to fund something to feed on in dirt and rubbish like that hence they keep close to such places. As long as you keep the surroundings of your house as clean as possible, bats or any other unwelcomed creature will not come close to your house and stay away keeping you safe from the risk.

Bats are just like other unwelcomed commodities like mosquitoes, bugs and beetles. Just like we take simple precautionary methods against those, we can take precautions against bats. If we seriously apply all these methods, we can keep bats from entering the premises of our house or enter the house itself.  Keeping bats away from our houses can also protect us against rabies and reduce our chances of contracting it. 

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