How to Find the Right Cattle Tags

Tagging the ears of cattle for identification has been growing in popularity over the last hundred years.  These tags offer the chance to set your livestock apart from others while still allowing you to easily identify key information like the sex and age of each animal.  If you’re interested in tagging your animals and aren’t sure which brand or type of tag to get, where are the top things to consider?


What type of tags interest you?  Do you prefer the hanging tag, which allows for you to gather a lot of information at a glance, or do you like tags that aren’t as easily seen?  Each has its perks, but a classic hanging tag is better for any hands-on rancher who wants to ensure they’re doing the best work possible, ensuring that they know the animals they have on hand.


There’s a large range of things cattle tags can do.  The easiest thing to start with is for the labels to identify who owns them.  Larger ear tags can show a stamp of what farm the animal belongs to, will show what year it was born, and will also tell you the sex without making you look between the animals’ legs to check!

Some modern tags allow for you to chip the cows so that you can be found if they wander off, but that’s only useful if the tag gets scanned.  In many cases, it’s easier to locate a farm or rancher by simply having the contact information written clear as day on the tag.


The more extra perks added onto custom cattle ear tags, the more expensive they’ll be.  The important thing to consider is if these expenses are adding value or not.  If they’re not adding value, and instead you see that they’re just fun things added on a whim: avoid these add-ons.  Cluttering these tags with too much can make them illegible and will complicate the system they create.


Do these ear tag companies have easy ways to apply these tags, or do you have to seek something out on your own?  These tags need a specific piercing tool to use, and if you find the wrong one or apply it incorrectly, it could harm the animal you’re working on.  It’s a better idea to seek out companies that also sell the tools and walk you through the information needed to apply the tags yourself.

How Many Tags

Some tag companies offer discounts on massive orders of tags.  If you have a large number of cattle and you’re starting a new tagging system, it’s a good idea to go for a company that will allow you to save money.

Check Reviews

The reviews people leave behind on these types of businesses should be vital to your decision-making.  A bad review here or there isn’t too bad, but if every review says that the tags were bad for the cattle, or harmed them, avoid that company.  Your livestock deserves to live ear infection-free and shouldn’t have to face that trouble.


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