Prison Trained K-9 Companion Program Why Your Dog Needs It

When people look for a dog, they ask many questions regarding its breed, background, temperament before they adopt it. This is because training your pet dog and teaching them obedience is quite difficult and costly.

Making sure they don’t nip, bite, lunge at people aggressively is very important. So that is why there’s a program in Colorado that provides new and unique options for people ready to adopt well-trained dogs or dog owners who would like to get their dog trained.

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What is a Prison Trained K-9 Companion Program?

Colorado prison dog training is offered by Colorado correctional industries through which dogs are trained by prisoners assigned to take care of them and train the dogs correctly. After which, these dogs are sold to seeking pet owners.

In this program, every dog is specially selected to have a suitable temperament. There are many types of breeds and ages of the dogs (minimum 16 weeks old) that undergo this program. The animal rescue and animal shelters even donate some. These dogs are paired with prisoners who are with them all the time.

The dogs learn basic greet, sit and stay training, and other training required for their stay in a house. There’s an option for people who already have a dog and want to get it trained. Then they can pay to get their dogs the same kinds of training in the training program at Colorado prison. This boarding program usually lasts for 4 weeks, after which the owners are given briefings and instructions regarding how the dog’s training.

Apart from being beneficial for dogs, it’s also beneficial for prisoners who are allowed to earn and learn through this program. The prisoners also get a certification from this program. Many prisoners have benefited from this program. Due to lower costs, adoption fees, and beneficial training, this program is best for dog owners and people looking to adopt a dog.

What are your other options in case you cannot afford the program?

You should listen to your pet and observe them. You will find what situations make them uncomfortable and what they don’t like. Then you should avoid those situations and not force them to do anything they don’t like. When it comes to food, dogs are selective in eating, so you should keep that in mind. 

Moreover, any pet you take home will require your attention and care. So it is important to show affection and give them the attention they need. Treat them, play with them, tell them they have been good so that they can be comfortable around you and understand you better.

Instead of saying no that he wouldn’t understand, tell your pet what he can do. Moreover, since you are training the dog at home, you should be clear and consistent. so that he does not become confused about something. ‘Off the sofa’ should always be ‘off the sofa.’ Remember, everything you do with your dog is something that he’s going to learn whether you mean it or want it or not. So be careful.

Bottom line

Being a pet owner is never easy. But you can take it gradually and have realistic expectations when it comes to training. The best way is to leave the training to professionals. And if you want to do it yourself, then you need patience and consistency. So, all the best!

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