5 steps to success: how to write an animal report


Writing an animal report brings numerous benefits to a person’s life. We get to learn about an animal species in detail and get to know things we would otherwise probably never learn. It can also help us discover our passion and perhaps even decide to take a career path all thanks to the scientific endeavor that is encompassed in writing an animal report. 

If you’re struggling with developing your first animal report, this article should give you a few hints on how you can approach this task. We’ll try and let you in on the secrets of writing a comprehensive report in form of an essay or scientific expose if you wish. By the end of this article, you’ll have better chances to create a detailed and informative animal report. 

STEP 1 – Perform research

Your report should be based on actual and authentic information, which means you should first invest all your resources in finding the best sources of information. As with any college or high school essay, you can look through the internet and start gathering resources online even contact writingbros.com or some other popular writing service that would be able to share free essay samples or otherwise help you in your investigation. You can also gather building material by interviewing various experts and professionals that could give you first-hand info or even help you form a general direction of your written assignment. 

Having your information sources all piled up is not going to take you too far, therefore, try and find a way to systematize information so that you can access it later seamlessly. Of course, before you even start writing, it’s important to go through all the info you gathered, highlight essential portions of the text, and index sections and pages that require special attention.

STEP 2 – Create report structure

Since we already said that your animal report is going to take the form of an essay writing assignment, it’s important to separate the three main units of your report:

  • Introduction – This is where you’ll bring out your main idea. It should be a short informative portion of your report that would lead the reader into the content. 
  • Body – The main part of your report. The body should be divided into paragraphs with proper subheadings that would imply the arguments you plan to extend in the text. Each paragraph should start with the main argument and then follow by your argumentation that validates the initial argument.
  • Conclusion – In this part of your animal report, you should summarize the content and make a closing argument that would somehow underline your entire work.

Keep in mind that the best way to make your animal report readable and easy to follow is to create a clear and fluent structure. You should remember that someone is going to read your paper, so don’t just throw as much information as you can, rather make your work compelling and interesting to read. Also, it’s not a bad idea to check with assignment guidelines from time to time, just to make sure you’re following the task requirements in terms of format, information, and overall direction of your work. You don’t want to lose the direction or create an article structure that won’t satisfy the academic expectation of your teacher or professor. 

STEP 3 – Dismiss information you can prove

You might be tempted to bring as many interesting facts as possible about a certain animal, however, just because a piece of information is interesting and draws you to thinking, it doesn’t mean it’s truthful. Therefore, differentiate between reading an overview of The Interlopers free essay examples on animals and a straightforward fable you found online. As with any type of academic writing, be it in college or high school the validity of your argumentation lies in your ability to show that what you’re saying has scientific merit. 

If you, however, decide to showcase the inclusion of an animal in legends, folklore, or some other alternative aspect, it’s important to point this out clearly, so that your report doesn’t include the information that a bat can turn someone into a vampire.

 STEP 4 – Use different types of content to tell your story

Your report could do wonders if you keep it only in a literary form, however, sometimes a picture tells a thousand words, and a quality infographic can simplify your narration or even help the reader understand a certain concept that’s not easy to explain in plain words. Be creative and use different types of media strategically, if you’re talking about a predator and you’re trying to describe its hunting abilities, a picture or video of the said animal during the hunt would add another layer to your story and make it even more vibrant.

Moreover, depending on the concept of your report and your own resources and aspiration, you could design (digitally or physically) the animal’s natural habitat or create a simulation of its migration process. There are no straightforward rules, just try to use your creativity to create a comprehensive coverage. 

STEP 5 – Perform several hands of editing and proofreading

It’s of utmost importance to make your work impeccable for submission. Read through the text several times and see if there are any style or syntax errors that you should look into. Make sure your grammar is perfect, and that your tone is in line with the topic you’re representing. Try proofreading in phase, first check for spelling mistakes several times and then go through your grammar a few turns just to make sure nothing slipped your gaze. 

If there’s a need rewrite some parts of your content or rearrange those sections that you think would do better somewhere else within the content. Make sure there aren’t many repetitive words but keep the language within the restrictions provided by assignment guidelines. 


Writing an animal report is an amazing way to reconnect with nature and learn more about life outside our human society, especially if you spent most of your life in an urban environment. It’s also a good platform for reaching out to your future calling because it’s not unusual for young people to fall in love with a certain topic after thorough research. Your report should be informative but also engaging and based on the most recent data so pay close attention when you do your research, the internet is full of deceptions and information that are intentionally misleading. 

Author Bio:

Michael Turner is a freelance content writer with years of experience in writing essays and research assignments for students. As a writer, Michael seeks to develop informative content that turns on the imagination of his readers. Through his work, the audience can reach actual info that comes from authentic sources and experts. 

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